CDS Exam Preparation 2022: Online Study Material, Books, Coaching

For an exam like CDS, you need to work hard and study the best books. Many candidates were unable to complete their examination and their syllabus due to not being able to conduct the teaching program properly in the year 2022. In this way, candidates were left with only one way of online study material for CDS Exam Preparation 2022. If you are still searching for study materials for the preparation for the CDS exam, then you should visit the official website of Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute today. All study materials for CDS Exam Preparation 2022 have been provided by MKC. All these study materials will be available to you online.

CDS Exam Preparation 2022CDS:-Exam Pattern of IMA, INA, OTA and Indian Air Force:-

Paper-IEnglish1201002 Hr
Paper-IIElementary Mathematics1001002 Hr
Paper-IIIGeneral Knowledge1201002 Hr
Total3403006 hours

CDS Exam Pattern For CDS Office Training Academy (OTA) is given below:-

Paper-IEnglish1201002 Hr
Paper-IIGeneral Knowledge1201002 Hr
Total2402004 hours

CDS Exam Preparation 2022 Online Study Materials:-

Due to the pandemic of Coronavirus for the last 2 years, the examination of the candidates is not being conducted in full classes. Due to this, the candidate had to take the help online for his exam preparation. In the form of Online Study Materials, Major Kalshi Classes is providing online study material like Class Notes of CDS Exam, Mock Test, DPA, etc. by the coaching institute. Using which you can prepare for your exam sitting at home. If you are still looking for the study materials of MKC then visit the official website of Major Kalshi Classes today. You can get the PDF related to Online Study Materials by clicking on the link given below.

CDS Exam Preparation 2022: Book

Your success is ensured by preparing for the exam as per the syllabus of the Combined Defense Services exam conducted at the national level. To appear in the CDS exam, a candidate has to complete graduation. After this, you are appointed to the rank of an officer in the Indian Armed Forces. Before knowing about CDS Exam Preparation 2022 Books, we are providing you general information about CDS Exam Pattern and Syllabus.

As you have seen in the examination of CDS, examinations are conducted for two different posts. In which you have to prepare for IMA, INA, and AFA, and Officer Training Academy OTA. The syllabus for both exams is almost the same. So to prepare for the exam, you generally have to study only one book. Below we will tell you which publication books you should study so that you can prepare for the exam better and accurately.

MKC Publication Books for CDS Exam Preparation:-

To prepare for Combined Defense Services, you have to study books related to English, Maths, and General Knowledge. There are many books on all these subjects available in the market. But which book is capable of making you successful, it is difficult to understand. Therefore, the best and synthesized books of each subject were published by the teachers of the Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute. With which the candidate can do his/her preparation in a better way and in less time.

Maths Book for CDS Exam Preparation:-

In the CDS exam, candidates are asked some questions from elementary mathematics. Keeping this in mind, the book of elementary mathematics was published by Major Kalshi Classes. There are a total of 20 chapters in this book related to Algebra, Trigonometry, Matrix, Numerology, Mensuration, Geometry, etc. All the appropriate topics have been covered in this book. Each topic of Elementary Mathematics has been designed as per the latest exam pattern and latest syllabus to choose from. This book consists of objective-type questions and subject questions. Apart from this, questions and their solutions have also been written in addition to the questions related to the chapter at the end of each chapter. With the help of this book, you can prepare for the exam in the best possible way and be self-reliant to crack the exam.

General Knowledge Book for CDS Exam Preparation 2022:- As you all know questions related to the General Knowledge subject are asked in the exam of CDS. General knowledge questions are asked to you in the exams of INA, OTA, IMA, and AFA. Around 120 questions related to general knowledge have been asked in the question paper. To prepare for this topic in the best possible way, you need the best study material. Below we are giving you information from some books to prepare for General Knowledge.

Economy Click
General Science Click
History Click
Geography Click
History and Polity Question Bank Click
Geography Economy and Defence Question Bank Click

Book for English Subject:-

To be successful in any examination conducted for the post of Armed Forces Officer, you must know English subject. In addition to the written exam of the CDS exam, candidates have to give interviews in English only in SSB interviews. You must study the books published by Major Kalshi Classes to get more knowledge in English subject and to do well in less time. Below we are providing you with the links to Major Kalshi Classes Publication Books. You can also order these books sitting at home by clicking on the link.

List of English Books of other writers:-

  1. Objective General English – S. P. Bakshi
  2. Wren & Martin’s High School English Grammar & Composition
  3. Word Power Made Easy – Norman Lewis

CDS Exam Preparation 2022: Coaching

To prepare for the CDS exam, candidates need the best coaching institute. In today’s time, many coaching institutes are ready to prepare you for the Armed Forces exam. But which coaching institute is better for you, you can know according to the record of that coaching institute and the qualification of the teachers preparing for the exam. Well qualified teachers are present in many coaching institutes preparing for the Armed Forces of the country. But their method of teaching is a bit difficult for every student to understand. Join Best CDS Coaching In India for CDS Examination preparation.

Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute is one such coaching institute that is considered the best CDS Coaching in Allahabad. Where there is such a group of teachers who are capable of preparing the students according to their capability. In this coaching institute, tireless efforts are made towards the students to ensure their preparation and their selection. Along with the students, the team of teachers also keeps on making constant efforts for the students.

Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute located in Allahabad is one such coaching institute in which you are prepared in all three ways physically, academically, and medically. Allahabad’s number one coaching institute tries to prepare you for tough exams like CDS and ensure your selection. As a result of these tireless efforts of the teachers, there are more than 5000 students attached to the campus of MKC today and for the last 15 years, many students are working as officers of the Armed Forces.

Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute is one of the best coaching institutes for CDS exam preparation. In this coaching institute, you are prepared for the preparation of CDS to the preparation of the SSB interview and also for the medical and physical tests to be done in the SSB interview.

The books have been published by MKC Publication itself so that students can get proper knowledge in less time and prepare for the exam according to the exam pattern. Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute has done much possible work on the online platform so that there is no impact on the preparation of the students living far and wide. For those candidates who are unable to appear on the campus from different states or far-flung places, the preparation of the exam is done sitting at home through MKC Learning Application. To join online free classes, many students are connected to MKC’s YouTube channel and preparing for their exams in a better way. If you also want to join MKC, then call today on the mobile number given below or register yourself directly by clicking on the official link given.

Where to Get Online Study Materials for CDS Exam Paper Year 2022?

You can get online study materials by visiting the MKC official website to prepare for the CDS exam.

Which is the best book for CDS Exam Preparation 2022?

If you are looking for the best book for the preparation for the CDS exam, then today you can buy the books related to the bus at the time of examination by visiting the link from the office of Major Kalshi Classes Publication.

Can CDS preparation be possible online?

Yes, in Combined Defense Services any other armed forces preparation can be done online. For this, you have to download MKC Learning Application from Google Play Store. Here you can start your exam preparation by paying the same fees

Which is the best English subject book for CDS preparation?

To prepare for Combined Defense Services, you must go through the books of MKC Publication. Apart from this, you can also read other books given in the article

Which is the best coaching institute for CDS exam preparation?

To crack such tough CDS exams, you should do your preparation from Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute.

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