Benefits of being a Shaurya Chakra Awardee.

Benefits of being a Shaurya Chakra Awardee:- Shaurya Chakra is an Indian military adornment that given for supreme service and sacrifice in peace. Shaurya Chakra Awards given by the Government of India for the work of courage and self-sacrifice of officers/personnel of the armed forces. And with this other lawfully constituted forces and civilians have to honour them. These gallantry awards are announced twice a year; First on Republic Day and second on Independence Day. Before studying the Shaurya Chakra in detail, let us also know about other gallantry awards.

After independence, the first three gallantry awards i.e. Param Vir Chakra, Mahavir Chakra, and Vir Chakra instituted on 26 January 1950 by the Government of India. Which considered effective from August 15, 1947. Subsequently, on January 4, 1952, three other gallantry awards i.e. Ashok Chakra Category-I, Ashoka Chakra Category-II, and Ashoka Chakra Category-III instituted by the Government of India. They considered effective from August 15, 1947. Also, in January 1967, these awards renamed Ashoka Chakra, Kirti Chakra, and Shaurya Chakra respectively.

The order of priority of these awards is: Paramvir Chakra, Ashok Chakra, Mahavir Chakra, Kirti Chakra, Vir Chakra, and Shaurya Chakra.

Benefits of being a Shaurya Chakra Awardee.

Friends, The great soldiers, who were awarded the Shaurya Chakra also eligible some other benefits from the Indian Army. Rs. 6,000 per month given to the brave soldier who received the Shaurya Chakra as a reward. Before 1 October 2017, Shaurya Chakra winners were awarded ₹ 3000 as prize money. Similar benefits are given to Shaurya Chakra winners in many departments like travel, medicine, pension, insurance, etc. Let us give you detailed information on all these topics. let’s see the benefits of being a Shaurya Chakra Awardee.

  • Award form amount: –The Shaurya Chakra winners are given a profit of Rs. 6000 per month as a prize.
  • The soldiers of the Nepali and Gorkha community are given a lump sum of Rs. 40000 as Indian Shaurya Chakra Award.
  • Medical facility: -Shaurya Chakra winners get the benefit of the medical facility. You can get your free treatment in Indian Army hospitals anytime. But if for some reason they cannot come to Sainik Hospital, then they are given financial assistance of about 30 to 40% in private hospitals.
  • Housing scheme:-The Shaurya Chakra winners assisted by the government to buy land to build houses.
  • Means of saving: – If a soldier has got the Shaurya Chakra and he retired, then Indian army given an interest rate of about 9% on his deposit.
  • Travel concession: –The Shaurya Chakra winners are given a discount of about 25 to 30% for railway tickets upon retirement.
  • In addition, discounts are also available at places like telephone collection, petrol pump, LPG gas, etc.

Shaurya Chakra: History

Ashok Chakra Category-III was start the Government of India on 4 January 1952 and considered effective from 15 August 1947.  On 27 January 1967, Ashoka Chakra Category-III was name as Shaurya Chakra.

Shaurya Chakra: Eligibility

Personnel will be eligible for the following categories Shaurya Chakra:

  • Army, Navy and Air Force, any Reserve Army, Territorial Army, Officers and men, and women soldiers of all ranks of the Militia and other legally constituted Sadgastra Sena.
  • Member of Armed Forces Nursing Services.
  • Civilian civilians and personnel of the police force, central para-military force, and railway security force of all genders from every sphere of society.
  • Shaurya Chakra, This honour given to soldiers and civilians for exceptional bravery or overt bravery or sacrifice. It can also be given posthumously.

Shaurya Chakra: Design

The Shaurya Chakra award includes a medal, ribbon, and bar. Details are given below:

  1. Medal (Medal): It is circular in shape and made of bronze. Its diameter is 1.38 inches.
  2. The front side of the medal: A replica of the Ashoka Chakra engraved or the Ashoka Chakra engraved in the centre of the centre or on the front of this medal. Around which a lotus flower vine is made.
  3. Posterior part: The Shaurya Chakra engraved in Hindi and English on its back or posterior part, these transforms by two lotus flowers.
  4. Ribbon (Lace): Its lace is of green colour, on which three straight lines are made and these lines divide the lace into four equal parts.
  5. Times: If any recipient of the Shaurya Chakra does such an act of valour again due to which he becomes eligible to receive the Chakra. To honour this feat of bravery, a band attached to the lanyard with which the chakra is hung. Also, if you want to wear only lace, then this medal many times, for the same number of times, a small replica attached to it with lace.

Last words of Benefits of being a Shaurya Chakra Awardee.

Friends, today we gave you detailed information about the Shaurya Chakra Award given by the army. Also, you have informed that in which areas the concession given to the winners of the Shaurya Chakra. According to the information received in this regard, you have also informed about the history of the Shaurya Chakra and the qualifications required to get the Shaurya Chakra. If you liked our information today, then you must tell your opinion in our comment box.

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Frequently Asked Question

  1. Are medals given in the police department?
    Answer:- Medals awarded to all soldiers who have shown valour for the country in the Indian Army or the Indian Police. the medal given in the police department is different from the military medal.
  2. Can a soldier get the country’s best medal?
    Answer:- The best medal can be received by any soldier of the country, but this medal awarded only for the best performance and valour in the event of war.
  3. What awards given to Shaurya Chakra winners?
    Answer:- A Shaurya Chakra winner given ₹ 6000 per month and several benefits. Read the full article above for detailed information.
  4. Can soldiers also get the best medal?
    Answer:-Soldiers who work in the rank of soldier do not get the best medal i.e. Veer Chakra or Mahavir Chakra easily. Only the officers working at the highest rank in the country given the Vir Chakra or Mahavir Chakra.
  5. How many types of Gallantry Awards by the Indian Army? Answer:- The following types of Gallantry Awards given to the employees and soldiers working in the Indian Army. Paramvir Chakra, Ashok Chakra, Mahavir Chakra, Kirti Chakra, Vir Chakra, and Shaurya Chakra.
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