Airforce X and Y Group Salary, Allowances, Promotions and Perks

The Airforce X and Y group are for the technical and non- technical Airmen. There are allotted different types of work. The airmen work under the senior officer. Here in this article, I will share with you the complete details of the Airforce X and Y group Salary, Allowances of Airforce X and Y and Promotion & perks of X and Y, etc.

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Airforce X and Y Group Salary, Allowances, Promotions and Perks:-

The Airmen of the Airforce who gets selected through the X and Y group. They all work under the officer and engineer. The X group candidates work under the Engineer of the airforce and Y group candidates basically assists the ground officer in the security system. That is the airmen’s basic work profile. here we will also discuss the salary, allowance, promotion, and perks of the airmen of the Indian airforce.

Allowances of Airforce X and Y:-

The Allowances of the Indian Airforce Airmen not as much the officers of the Indian Air force gets. but the basic Allowances. The airforce takes care of your all needs belongs to your daily life and the things related to the Lifestyle of yours and your family. These are the few allowances that Airforce Airmen. there are perks also which they get:

  • Transport Allowance
  • City Compensatory Allowance
  • Accommodation
  • Rations
  • Medical facilities for self and dependents
  • Leave Travel Concession for self and family
  • Loans for education
  • Interest-free loan for house repair or marriage of sister/daughter
  • Scholarships for children
  • Grants for natural calamities, wheelchair, etc.
  • Pensions including service, invalidity, disability, war injury, etc.
  • Group Insurance covering disability and death
  • Composite Personal Maintenance Allowance
  • High Altitude Allowance
  • Field Area/Modified Field Area Allowance etc.

After retirement, the Airmen are entitled to the pension, medical insurance and gratuity, apart from canteen facilities. Besides this, the Air Force allows relaxation in age and reservation in government services as an ex-serviceman.

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Promotion of X and Y Group:-

The Promotion of the X and Y depends on the exams and experience of the Airmen in a particular field. here I have given the rank of the Airmen.

  • Leading Aircraftman
  • Corporal
  • Sergeant
  • Junior warrant officer
  • Warrant officer
  • Master Warrant officer

These are few ranks which the airmen get posted and after that, there is some higher post promotion of the airmen. the Airforce Airmen can also become an officer in the Airforce. In order to become an officer into the Indian air force clearing SSB Interviews is mandatory. You can apply for this internally, there is an internal exam for all the airmen and officers to get promoted.  through this Internal exam, the Airmen can apply for Officers post.

Airforce X and Y group Salary:-

The salary of each department of Indian Airforce is different but the basic pay structure is the same for all the airmen. The Airmen while they are on training get paid, that salary they get as a stipend which is about 14000/-. and after the completion of the training when you will be posted as a Leading Aircraftman.  your salary would be around 21000/- but this is just a clear salary, there are some pays also like:-

  • Basic service pay – 21000/- INR
  • Military service pay – 5200/- INR
  • X group will get Technical Service Pay- 6200/- INR

The total salary which the airmen will get in hand is around 35000/- to 40000/-. The salary of the airmen also depends on the types of training they have taken and the area of work and area of posting, etc. And for the airmen, the Airforce board conducts the promotional exams.

The lifestyle of the airforce airmen is very adventurous and every year airforce conducts the sports programs for the airmen and officers which includes All air sports activities like paragliding, sky diving, bungee jumping and all the sports-related to the air sports. The airmen live one of the best life, this is full of glory, adventures and respectful. and also working for the nation is just another level of craze.


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