AFCAT-2 2017 Sample Questions

Indian Air Force invites online applications from unmarried Male and Female eligible candidates for the courses commencing in July 2018 for grant of Short Service Commission (SSC) in Flying Branch and Permanent Commission (PC) / Short Service Commission (SSC) in Ground Duty (Technical) and Ground Duty (Non-technical) Branches. AFCAT stands Air Force Common Admission Test that opens a gateway to become an officer and sever nation. AFCAT is one of the much reputated examinations so good level of preparation is required before examination. For your help we are providing some questions of good standard to do practice.

  1. Select a synonym of VINDICATE

(a) Approve            (b) Express              (c) Justify                  (d) Exonerate

  1. Select a synonym of ACCOLADE

(a) Award                (b) Applause            (c) Affection             (d) Acclaim

  1. Select a synonym of REPERCUSSION

(a) Remuneration   (b) Reaction             (c) Recollection       (d) Consequence


A group of prospective jurors was asked by the judge whether any of them felt they had ever been treated unfairly by an officer of the law. “I once got a ticket for running a stop sign,” Caroline replied, “even though I definitely came to a complete stop.” “Did you pay the fine?” the judge questioned. “Yes” “If you thought you were innocent,” the judge went on, “why didn’t you contest it?” “Your Honour,” She replied, “there have been so many times I didn’t get a ticket for running a stop sign that I figured this evened things out a little.”

  1. Which one of the following is correct?

(a) Caroline was caught travelling without ticket in a local train

(b) Caroline was caught while driving at a speed above the speed limit

(c) Caroline was driving without a driving license

(d) Caroline was fined for jumping the stop signal.

  1. Which one of the following is correct?

(a) Caroline made a complaint against the traffic inspector for his high handedness.

(b) Caroline had to pay a bribe

(c) Caroline was sent to the jail for her crime

(d) Caroline decided to pay the fine

  1. MRI stands for

(a) Multi Resident Indian                                     (b) Magnetic Resonance Imaging

(c) Mathematical Resonance Imaging              (d) Multi Resonance Imaging.

  1. Thyroid disorders are mostly caused by

(a) Iodine deficiency                      (b) High salt intake

(c) High cholesterol                       (d) High blood Pressure

  1. Who amongst the following is not a Lawn Tennis player

(a) Rafael Nadal                             (b) Roger Federer

(c) Martina Navratilova              (d) Rovan Djokovic

  1. Which amongst these countries is not a member of G 8 group ?

(a) France                 (b) Germany                       (c) Italy                      (d) Turkey

  1. The Pitts India Act was passed in

(a)1773                     (b) 1784                   (c) 1880                    (d) 1884 48.

  1. The Mughal ruler Bahadhur Shah II was exiled by British and sent to

(a)Mandalay                        (b) Madras             (c) Rangoon             (d) Hyderabad

  1. Kilimanjaro is a dead volcano, situated in continent.

(a) Australia                         (b) Asia                      (c) Africa                  (d) America

  1. tan 60 tan 30 ? 1 tan 60 tan30 – = +

(a)sin 300                (b) tan 300               (c) tan 600              (d) cos 450

  1. sec2 150 – tan2 150 = ?
  • sin 2150 (b) cos 2450            (c) tan 2450                         (d) None of these
  1. Two poles of height 7 m and 12 m stand on a plane ground. If the distance between their feet is 12 m. What is the distance between their tips?
  • 15 m (b) 19 m                   (c) 24 m                   (d) 13 m
  1. What is the distance between the points P (-6, 7) and Q (-1, -5)

(a) 33                         (b) 193                     (c) 13                         (d) None of these

  1. 3 men and 4 boys do a piece of work in 8 days, while 5 men and 4 boys finish it in 6 days. 2 men and 4 boys will finish it in ?
  • 12 days (b) 24 days              (c) 36 days              (d) None of these
  1. A cistern can be filled by two pipes A and B in 4 hours and 6 hours respectively. When full, the tank can be emptied by a third pipe C in 8 hours. If all the taps be turned on at the same time, the cistern will be full in?

(a)3 hours          (b) 4 hours               (c) 7 hrs                     (d) None of these

  1. A militant is spotted by a jawan from a distance of 200 meters. When the jawan starts the chase, the militant also starts running. Assuming the speed of the militant 10 Km/h and that of the jawan 12 Km/h, how far will have the militant run before he is caught?
  • 10 km (b) 5 km                    (c) 1 km                     (d) None of these
  1. If the ratio of the volumes of two sphere is 1 : 8 then the ratio of their surface area is

(a) 1 : 1                          (b) 1 : 2                     (c) 1 : 4                      (d) 1 : 8

  1. Mayor : City as Captain : ?
  • Army (b) Ship                    (c) Navy                    (d) State
  1. Choose the odd one out
  • Mizoram (b) Kohima              (c) Manipur              (d) Sikkim
  1. If 18514 stands for AHEAD, what does 31385 stand for?
  1. In a code language, ABHIJIT is written as ‘CEJLLLV’. How is BROTHER written in the same code?

(a) ETRVKGU                 (b) DURWJIT            (c) DUQWJHT          (d) EUQWKHT

  1. If ‘A’ means ‘x’ (multiplication), D means ‘+’ (addition), G means ‘-‘ (subtraction), find the value of 7 A 4 D 4 A 3 G 2 ?

(a) 38                                                 (b) 44                         (c) 48                        (d) 28

  1. If ninth of a month is two days before Sunday, then what will be the day on the 26th of the same month?

(a) Sunday                            (b) Tuesday              (c) Monday              (d) Saturday

Set of these questions will be really helpful for you try to solve these questions and find answers these questions forms best set of practice and knowledgeable questions……..

Your Regular practicing can lead to improve your knowledge moreover it also increase your capability to manage time to solve every part within set duration of time.

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