8 Deadly Forces of India


MARCOS is short form of Marine Commandos. MARCOS which was earlier known as Marine Commando Force is the special forces of Indian Navy which was created for special operations. Marcos are organized to carry out special operation in maritime environment. It is notable that they are capable of undertaking operations in all types of terrain.


MARCOS are called as “Dadiwalafauj” by terrorists meaning the “Bearded army” because of their bearded disguise in civil areas

Para (Special Forces)


Para special forces is the unit of the Indian Army’s parachute regiment which carry out special operations  for counter terrorism, hostage rescue, seek and destroy, unconventional warfare. The regiment was created in 1941. It has taken various operations and recently known for operation during 26/11 attack and surgical strike in POK.

Garud Commando Forces


The Garud Commando Forces is the special commando forces of the Indian Air Force which was formed in 2004 with the objective of protection of Air force bases and rescue during peace and hostilities.

Ghatak Commando Forces


Ghatak Commando Forces is the special forces of the Indian Army’s Infantry battalion. There is one platoon deployed in every infantry battalion.

National Security Gaurds

National Security Gaurds

The National security Guard is special force which was raised in 1984 after operation Blue star and assassination of Indira Gandhi. It comes under the Ministry of Home affairs. Its role is to fight against terrorist activities and protecting the sates against internal disturbances.

Commando Battalion for Resolute Action (COBRA)

COBRA Battalion is the special forces of the Central Reserve Police Forces which is specialized in jungle warefare and guerrilla warfare to counter Naxalite problem in India.
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Special Frontier Force

Special frontier force is the special forces of the Paramilitary forces which is basically assigned with the task to protect indo china borders after the indo china war.

Special Frontier Force

Force One

Force One

Force one is the elite commando forces which comes under Maharashtra Government and responsible for protection of Maharashtra metropolitan area which is the largest metropolitan area in the world

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