5th Orientation Session – How to increase CONFIDENCE in your CHILD

After conducting Orientation Sessions four times successfully, and benefiting students and parents equally Major Kalshi Classes brings 5th Orientation Session on the coming Sunday that is 08 July 2018. It will be held at 10 AM at the MKC Campus that is: SHAPATH BUILDIING, 105/244, Tagore Town, Allahabad – 211002

This session is held to guide and motivate the MKC students and their parents. We at MKC believe that parents play the utmost important role in shaping a child’s career and future. And that alone teachers and parents don’t have much power but together they can produce magical results. So instead of targeting only the students, MKC invites parents as well.

These sessions are also an induction session and welcome session for the new batches.

Mr Saurabh Singh

MKC conceptualised this program but would not have been able to conduct it without Mr. Saurabh Singh, the gem, who shines in light and darkness, who is

  • Positive
  • Knowledgeable
  • Wise
  • Philanthropist
  • Thoughtful
  • Intelligent
  • Visionary

Mr. Singh loves the Indian Armed Forces. His immense love towards military sparked the idea of grooming ambitious kids and providing them a platform to polish their skills and support and guide them in achieving their goals.  He has devoted his life to Major Kalshi Classes. He has played a leading role in creating the study material for various courses of MKC. He is often invited to conduct sessions and seminars all over the country. But his love for children and Armed forces keeps pulling him back to MKC where he delivers these speeches for free.

A glimpse of the four orientation sessions that he has conducted this year as of now:

  1. 1st Orientation Session was conducted on 13th May 2018. The topic on which Saurabh Sir spoke was: Role of Parenting. It was a huge success. Everybody present in the audience loved it. It left the audience mesmerized. It was an eye opener for parents as they got introduced to a new angle of parenting that they were not aware about. Everybody left the venue with a revived energy, hope and motivation. This event also marked the start of the academic session 2018-19. Students got formally inducted to MKC for various programmes.
  1. 2nd Orientation was conducted on 27th May 2018 and the topic on which Saurabh Sir enlightened the crowd was – How to make your child succesful in Defence. He gave several helpful tips to the students and the parents which will certainly prove beneficial in the due course of time and will help students to withstand the challenges that they will face during the selection process of various Armed Forces exams.


  1. The 3rd Orientation was conducted on 3rd June 2018 and the topic that Saurabh Sir covered was – How to make your Child Happy and Responsible. Unlike the previous two sessions which focused on hard work, sacrifice and achieving success, this session actually focused on making the child happy, relaxed and calm. And when the body is relaxed and mind at peace, we can instill a sense of responsibility in children. After this session, parents learnt that there is a lot that they need to do for their kids and realized that buy devoting a little time and focus they can help their children stay happy and feel responsible for themselves, their parents and the nation.
  1. The 4th session was conducted on 24th June 2018. The topic on which Saurabh Sir spoke was – How to make your child stress free. In the current competitive and stressed world we live in today, this topic appeared very relevant and students and parents connected to it because everybody has experienced stress at some point of time. Saurabh Sir threw light on medical effects of stress and the fatal impact it may have on us. Everybody felt thankful to Saurabh Sir, for the informative session that he conducted and the helpful tips that he gave to beat stress.
  1. The 5th Orientation session is scheduled on the coming Sunday that is 8th July 2018 is on the topic – How to increase CONFIDENCE in your CHILD. This topic is very close to Saurabh Sir’s heart. He believes with confidence and self belief one can achieve anything. He has always advocated that positivity, determination and self belief or confidence are key to success. One may think why to listen to the same message again and again. Logic is simple – as we need food daily for our body to function normally, in the same way we need constant motivation and self belief for our brain to function normally and stay focused on achieving our goal. And Saurabh Sir is a vast resource of knowledge and his presentation style is so unique and impactful that in every session it sounds as if he is delivering a new message. And actually he does, as he has got such varied examples, anecdotes and stories that there is a lot to learn in every session.

So Major Kalshi Classes invites one and all to attend and benefit from the motivating and moral boosting words of Mr Saurabh Sir. In this event the students of the new batches will be inducted formally to the MKC family. So it is urged that the new students and their parents must be present. Students who attended the previous sessions are also welcome. This is open for all. Students who are not studying at MKC and their parents are also welcome.

Date: 08 July 2018

Place: SHAPATH BUILDIING 105/244, Tagore Town, Allahabad – 211002

Time: 10 AM

Contact us at:

  • Helpline Number +91 9696330033
  • Toll Free No : 1800-313-2004
  • majorkalshiclasses.com
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