Details about the 3 Day SSB Procedure and Tips to clear it

 De novo is a Latin word for “anew,” which means a fresh or new approach of selection process, as in a trial de novo. The SSB procedure in the Army takes five days and hence an SSB is able to handle 60 batches in a year only (five batches per month). As a result of large number of candidates applying every year, it was assessed that the selection procedure at the SSB should be able to analyze promising candidates in 2-3 days. This new 3 Day SSB Procedure is called De Novo Selection System.

There’s a lot of confusion and a lot of tension among the candidates regarding 3 Day SSB Procedure. First of all, we want to clear the doubt about the overall 3 Day SSB Procedure in SSB and their upcoming changes.

3 Day SSB Procedure | what are the changes?
  • The procedure is same but there are some slight changes to reduce the time of the number of tests held in SSB. Obviously, the aspirants will report on Day 1 on which they will go for the Screening and Psychology test. There are not any changes in Screening but there are some changes in Psychological test, one of them being in Thematic Apperception Test(TAT). The number of pictures will be reduced in TAT. 11 pictures shown in TAT will be reduced to 7.
  • The format of VAT test is also changed. Till now, the candidates were getting the word on which they were making sentences, but now to reduce the time, each candidate will get a word and similar to that they will now make four more words which they think should be apt according to the given word. At the end, it’s all about your psychology.
  • In SRT, candidate was given a situation out of which they were made to write their own responses but now each candidate will be given four choices out of which they need to select the most apt one according to them. So, it is obvious to say that now the Psychology tests are a bit easier than before.
  • Group Discussion (GD)will now comprise of two topics that candidates need to discuss on.
  • Group Planning Exercises (GPE) comprises of five tests which are mentioned below.
  • Explanation of model
  • Self reading for five minutes
  • Writing an individual plan for ten minutes
  • Discussing the common plan for twenty minutes.
  • Other Tasks include –
  • Progressive Group Task (PGT)
  • Group Obstacle Race
  • Lecturette
  • Individual Obstacles
  • Command Task
  • Final Group Task

The 3 Day SSB Procedure aka De Novo Selection Procedure will complete all of these tasks in a day.

The Personal Interview will be conducted either on Day 1 or 2. The last day is dedicated for Final board conference where the President or the Deputy President of the board converses with the candidates separately while other officers observe the proceedings sharply. With these changes there will be 1.5 km run which candidates are to complete in the given time for which the probable time will be 8 minutes. Candidates will be assigned marks as per the time taken.

Defence Institute of Psychological Research (DIPR) has worked extensively to bring upon ne changes and almost finalized new selection procedure. The current set of 15 OLQs may change which will be replaced by new modified version suiting to the requirement of current scenario.

Why 3 Day SSB Procedure aka De Novo Selection Procedure is Important?

By reducing the time, more promising candidates can get analyzed at the SSB which will eventually make the selection process more convenient and because of that insufficiency of officers in the armed forces can be diminished.

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