10+2 B.Tech Cadet Entry Scheme Pay Scale & Promotions

Indian Navy offers a career which par away from all other careers. At a very young age it gives an opportunity to lead men and represent Nation on the other hand it provides lucrative career option with the best pay and perks. The best part is the quality of life it provides with innumerable adventurous activities and sports. Apart from this it always makes you capable of opting any other profession after retirement by providing you various kind of technical degrees and diplomas based on the interest of the candidates.

Pay & Promotions Of 10+2 B.Tech Cadet Entry Scheme

The promotion from Sub Lieutenant to Commander is on time scale basis subject to completion of mandatory course, sea time and medical condition.

The Pay Scale and promotion criteria is as follows:-

Rank Pay as per defence matrix MSP
Sub Lieutenant 56100-110700 15500
Lieutenant 61300-120900 15500
Lt. Commander


69400-136900 15500
Commander 121200-212400 15500


Allowances (as applicable)-The rates of allowances applicable to officers are given below:-

Allowances To whom granted Rate per month (in Rs)
Technical Technical Officers 3000-4500pm depending on courses qualified
Instructional All officers posted as instructor 2700pm*
Flying Qualified Pilot/Observer 25000pm
MARCOs Qualified as MARCO 25000pm
Submarine Qualified Submariner 25000pm
Diving Qualified Ship’s Diver 900pm
Sea Going All Naval Officers serving Onboard Ships (Sailing Only) 10500 pm (this allowance is granted on pro rata basis, on condition that the sea vessels should be deployed for a minimum 04 hrs in a day)
Uniform All Officers 24000 (Initial grant) & 7500 (Every 3 Yrs)*
Hard Area All Officers posted in Hard Area as declared by Govt 20% of Basic Pay
House Rent To Officers not provided Govt. Accommodation 24%/16%/08% of Basic Pay
Transport All Officers 7200/3600 (+DA thereon)

Cost to Company (CTC)- The CTC for a Sub Lieutenant would be approximately Rs. 83,448/- to Rs. 96,204/- per month. This includes Basic Pay, DA, Military Service Pay, House Rent Allowance (HRA 24%/16%/08% as per classification of cities) and Transport allowance.

Privileges-In addition to the CTC mentioned above, Navy provides Free Medical Facilities and Canteen Facilities for Self & dependents, Mess/Club/Sports Facilities, Furnished Govt. Accommodation, Car/Housing Loan at subsidised rates.

Group Insurance & Gratuity-Insurance cover of Rs. 75 lakhs (on contribution) and gratuity will be granted to the officer as per the latest rules in force.

Leave Entitlements- Officers are entitled to 60 days annual and 20 days casual leave every year (subject to service exigencies).

Leave during training period will be as per the Training Policy in force. They are also entitled 40% rail concession to any place and leave travel concessions (as per extant rules) for self and dependents.

Sports & Adventure- The Navy provides facilities for various sports. In addition, one can also learn and participate in adventure sports, such as river rafting, mountaineering, hot air ballooning, hand gliding, wind surfing etc.

These all above things makes Indian Navy a best place to serve for at least 20 years. So Gentleman if you also want to be the part of this royal life style first you should dream it then you should start putting your conscious efforts to reach to the goal on time.

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