Military Exercise Of India

According to Wikipedia military exercise is define as, “A military exercise or war game is the employment of military resources in training for military operation, either exploring the effects of warfare or testing strategies without actual combat. This also serves the purpose of ensuring the combat readiness of garrisoned or deployable forces prior to deployment from home base / home station.” Some recently conducted military exercise in India in which many other countries has participated are listed below:

  1. Tropex– Theatre readiness operational exercise. Eastern and western commands of Indian navy along with Indian army, air force, and coast guard participated in it.
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    It was conducted on the western coast line of India.
  2. EKUVERIN– It is India Maldives joint military exercise EKUVERIN held in Maldives which emphasize of the amphibious and counter insurgency, and anti-terror operations. It’s 6th edition held in Kerala.
  3. SAMPRITI– It is India Bangladesh joint military exercise held in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Its first edition was held in 2010.
  4. INDRA– It is India Russia naval exercise held in the Bay of Bengal with the aim to increase interoperability between the both the naval forces. The exercise was conducted in two phases; sea and harbor phase.
  5. KONKAN– Indian Navy and Royal Navy’s (UK Navy) joint maritime exercise took place in Mumbai, Maharashtra to increase compatibility and interoperability between both the navies.
  6. Hand in Hand– 6th edition of India China joint training exercise held in Pune Maharashtra with the aim of exchanging expertise in drill and practices.
  7. Surya Kiran– 10th edition of India Nepal joint military exercise was held in Nepal to share their experience and expertise in counter terrorism and disaster management. In the exercise, Kumaon Regiment represented India and Jabar Jung battalion represented Nepal.
  8. Mitra Shakti– It is India-SriLanka joint military exercise was held in SriLanka. The aim was to increase interoperability in counter terrorism and counter insurgency operations.
  9. AL-Nagah-Li– It is India Oman joint military exercise held in Himachal Pradesh. The motive of the exercise was to enhance the compatible in counter terror operations.
  10. Nomadic Elephant– This is India Magnolia joint military exercise held in Magnolia to raise the synergy and interoperability between the forces.
  11. CORPAT– It is Indonesia coordinate patrol bilateral maritime exercise was conducted at Andaman and Nicobar.
  12. Malabar– this is one of the most known exercise, the Malabar exercise was conducted in the Bay of Bengal and was attended by the navies of India, US, and Japan. The exercise was conducted in sea and shore phases. The exercises were for professional exchanges on carrier strike group operations, maritime patrol and reconnaissance operations, surface and anti-submarine warfare.
  13. Maitree: A fortnight-long joint military exercise between the Indian and Thai armies has been conducted in Himachal Pradesh State of India. The joint exercise, named Maitree, takes place in Chamba district aiming to promote cooperation and enhance skills and experience exchange between the two countries armies.

This shows that India have good ties with neighboring countries, joining these exercises make stronger administration, economic and political bonds. Military exercise are the best platform to rejuvenate energy inside officers. Charming glow of warship, test and basement exercise make stronger friendship ties.

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