Life at National Defence Academy

Aims of NDA-

  • To become soldiers of the nation!
  • To pass out from one of the most prestigious military academies in the world!
  • To serve the nation as top notch officers!

The NDA is located at Khadakwasla near Pune, Maharashtra . It is the first tri-service academy in the world. Life at NDA is a lot more than normal Academics. There will be endless test to clear in a year more than written exam cadet have to qualify PT, swimming, horse riding, firing drilling, tactics, navigation.

At National Defence Academy Firstly training is given for 2.5 years that is common for all the three wings. At the end of third year cadets will be awarded with B.Sc./  B.A degree from Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi.

In final year cadets will get specialization training at respective academies Army cadet go to the Indian military Academy, Dehradun, Naval cadet goes to the cadet training shipyard at Indian Naval academy, Ezhimala and Air force trainees to Air Force Academy, Hyderabad.

  1. At Indian Military Academy, army cadets are granted as permanent commission in the rank of lieutenant after completion of one year training.
  2. At Indian Naval Academy, naval cadets are selected for executive, engineers in electrical branches. For the first six month cadet are given sea training then they get rank of sub- Lieutenant Officer.
  3. Air force cadets receive the rank of Flying officer after one and half year at Air force Academy, Hyderabad. Then they finally get recommended.

Life at NDA is mentally tough and physically hard. They get train on physical, mental and social level, the level of training is quite tough and difficult that makes a cadet from boy to man. First few months can be bothering, heavy and like hell but once you started enjoying the discipline over there that place will become heaven for you.  You need to be regular in academy by being fully energetic in academies and physical test as well….
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The routine of cadet life in academy is simply in terms of some description are as:

  • Get up early and exercise regularly.
  • Get up at 03:30 AM and to do pushups, press ups, crunches, constant running, to run up to 50 km carrying 20 kg weight at back during night or highly sunny days becomes part of life.
  • Training for games and academics (preparation for exams) can be pursued simultaneously and there is no problem.
  • If you have been studying and exercising regularly then there is no need to panic before a physical test or an academic exam. Just follow your regular routine.
  • When you face difficulties together you learn about the true character of your colleagues. NDA training offers ample opportunities for the same. Thus you make some of the best bonds which not only stay with you for life, but also get passed down to the next generation.

You can read book written by an Army Officer Rajat Mishra  “Can I have a Chocolate milkshake”– An awe inspiring true story of an Officer.

As there are two sides of a coin same like that the training part is duel faced that lead multi dimensional upbringing of candidate, with many pros and cons training in academy build over all personality that gives a soldier to nation, an Officer to corps but prior than anything it mainly focus on moral building of cadet.

You will learn the feeling of brotherhood and at the last you will be like family to share sorrow and happiness together

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