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Why to join Indian Armed Forces

Indian armed forces is one of the adventurous as well as lucrative job and career prospective now a days. It is not only a job but a lifestyle. There are various reasons for various candidates for joining the same. Some think that it is job security while for other it is a way of life with exposure to adventure and with pride &honor.

So here I am going to present some of the points which can surely build your mind set up and help you to know as what is your best reason.

  • Satisfaction of Job-As it provides respect and honor and handsome pay and perks so it becomes one of the most satisfied sector for youths
  • Security-it provides security for entire lifetime and even for the post retirement
  • Financial Stability- after the implementation of the 7thcpc now a newly commissioned officer is accepted to get 90000 per month and other facilities also.
  • Social Status- An army officer is always respected in the society due to its status and honorable job and no other job stand with armed forces.
  • Qualitative Life-Apart from the economic stability it provides quality of life. It is the only place which provides free sports, adventure and concessional air fares etc.
  • Foreign Courses and Posting-Regular foreign courses and UN posting is given to officers and soldiers in various foreign mission.
  • Post-Retirement Benefits-Now after the implementation of the One Rank One Pension it has become more lucrative and provides revised pension along with the health facilities to the dependents also.
  • Various Training Programs-it provides chance to pursue various technical and non-technical programs based on the qualification and interest.

So decide what is yours as this is one of the most frequently asked question in SSB Interview.

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