JAG Entry Physical Standard and Medical Test

To get selected in the Service through the JAG entry. A candidate will have to appear for the SSB Interview and all the candidate who would clear this, they will appear for the Medical Examination, etc.  The Shortlisting of the candidate for the SSB Interview will be done on the basis of the marks scored in the LLB Degree. Here in this article, I am sharing with you the JAG Entry Physical Standard and Medical Test, etc. Check out the article below to get complete details about the Medical and Physical Criteria of the Judge Advocate General.

JAG Entry Physical Standard and Medical Test:

The Medical and Physical Examination plays an important role in the selection. A minor mistake in this can be a good reason for rejection. There is no physical activity that one has to perform. Here is some common Physical Eligibility that one has to match to apply for the examination. The Physical Standard of JAG Entry Examination is not as tough as it is for the other entries, There are only checkups that would be done, which is required to join. Here is a list of those tests and required criteria for Army JAG entry:

  • The Minimum height Required is 157 cm
  • The minimum weight required is 60 kg.
  • The chest must be 80 cm without expansion and it should be at least 85 with expansion.
  • 14 dental Points are essentially required.
  • Your body should not carry any genetic disease like joint knees, color blindness, or night blindness.
  • Your elbow should not be turned in the outer direction for more than 15 degrees.
  • Your joint and your bones should be completely fine.
  • Any severe body fracture in any body part can cause permanent rejection.
  • Eyesight:
Without GlassesWith Glasses
Better EyeWorse EyeBetter EyeWorse Eye

Eye Correction Surgery Criteria for Army JAG Entry Medical:

In an easy way, The Eye Correction surgery is allowed in the Indian Armed forces but there are some criteria for this. Surgery should be done after the age of 20 years old. It should have done only once. For the Indian Army JAG entry, Any kind of Eye Correction Surgery is allowed but Eye should be 6/6 after the correction of the surgery.

JAG Entry Medical Standard:

The Medical Examination in the Indian Armed forces is very strict and A candidate will be checked very strictly. In the Medical Examination, A candidate’s outer body parts, as well as Inner body organs, will be checked like:

  • Chest X-ray for your lungs.
  • Ultrasound for kidney stones.
  • The liver problem will be checked
  • Blood test
  • Urine test

JAG 25th Entry Eligibility, Age limit and Selection Process

These are the same tests that would be done in the JAG (Judge Advocate General) Entry. It is easy, if a candidate having an average body posture and never been in any serious injury or Dieses, he/she can easily clear this.  If any case you get a rejection from the Medical Board you can re-apply for that. And if they reject you again you can again re-apply. If they reject you, they will give a proper reason for that.

Medical Rejection Criteria of JAG Entry:

There are two types of rejection in the Medical Examination.  Temporary Rejection and Permanent Rejection. The permanent rejection is given on the spot. if you have any serious problem that cannot be corrected or it may take a year or more to get correct. In this case, you will get permanent rejection. If you get a permanent rejection from the service. you can apply for the re-medical Examination to the medical Board.

If you have any minor problem and that can be corrected in time. You will get some time from the Medical board. You will have to appear for the medical examination before the time and you will appear for the Re- medical examination.

How to prepare for Army Medical Test?

I have personally witnessed, Many candidates clear the Selection Phase but get rejected in the Medical examination. Medical Exam plays an important role in the selection. There are no magical tips or tricks for preparation. You just need to be healthy. Indian Army does not demand six-pack abs. You just need to have a healthy body.

You have Aim of joining the Indian Armed forces. Try to live a healthy lifestyle. Eat healthy food and workout for at least 45mins every day. If you have any doubt, You can have your Pre-Medical exam done. You would have a complete idea about your medical condition. It is not something that you can prepare in one day. You will have to change your lifestyle and start living a healthy life.

How to Clear JAG Entry Medical Test?

There is nothing much in the medical exam. All your internal body organs and external body part will be checked. It just needs to be OK. A minor problem can cause temporary rejection. You can appear again for the medical after the treatment. There are tips and tricks to clear the Medical test. It will be done accordingly.

What are the Salary of JAG (Judge Advocate General) in Army?

The salary in the Indian Armed forces depends on many factors like the Nature of duty, Area of Posting, etc. The Starting salary of JAG in the Army is around 56,400/- per month. There are some extra benefits and allowances which is after salary.

Physical Requirement in Army JAG Entry?

There is no said physical requirement in Army JAG Entry. One just needs to have a better physique and a healthy body.

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