7 Important Tips to Clear CDS Exam by Major Kalshi Classes

Dear Students, The UPSC conducts the CDS exam twice a year, as you are aware. To pass the CDS exam, all candidates who have applied must plan ahead of time for Management and strategy. Major Kalshi Classes sir will provide you with preparation tips for the CDS written exam. Below is 7 Important Tips to Clear the CDS Exam by Major Kalshi Classes on the first try. In this blog, we will tell you the Best CDS coaching in Allahabad too.

Candidates who wanted to appear for the CDS exam should understand what kind of strategy is required to pass any examination. However, in order to succeed in an exam such as the CDS, you must not only prepare a better exam strategy, but you must also need to join the best CDS coaching in India. In this section, we will discuss 7 Important Tips to Clear CDSs for improving your exam preparation.

CDS Selection Process

 Selection process rules in CDS are completed in three stages

  • Written exam
  • SSB interview
  • Medical/ Physical Test

Exam Pattern of Written Test

Exams Subject’s name
IMA, INA, and AFA English, General Knowledge and Elementary Mathematics
OTA English and general knowledge
  • Questions of 500 marks are asked in the written examination. In which a written test of 300 marks is done for IMA, INA, And AFA and 200 marks for the written test OTA.
  • The examination of IMA, INA, and AFA is six hours and the written examination of OTA is 4 hours.
  • All the questions asked in the exam are objective type.
  • The questions asked in the subject of Mathematics in the question paper are of 10th level while the questions of other subjects are of graduation level.

Exam Pattern for IMA, INA, AFA

Subject Time maximum marks
English 2 hours 100 Mark
General knowledge 2 hours 100 Mark
Elementary Mathematics 2 hours 100 Mark
total 6 hours 300 mark

Exam pattern for OTA

Subject Time Maximum mark
English 2 hours 100 marks
General knowledge 2 hours 100 marks
total 4 hours 200 marks

Marking scheme in CDS 2021

  • Each of the questions in the CDS exam is an objective type.
  • Each question has 1 mark
  • 0.33 marks are deducted for the wrong answer.

7 Important Tips to Clear the CDS Exam

If you are a serious candidate for the CDS examination then you must join the best CDS coaching in India, due to the high competition level. Major Kalshi Classes is one of the top CDS coaches in Allahabad, so you can join either online or offline classes.

If anyone wants to prepare for self-study then check these 7 important Tips to clear the CDS exam.

1. Focus on Maths and English:- Candidates for the Combined Defence Services written exam should concentrate on English and Mathematics. As a result, you should always try to devote as much time as possible to English and Mathematics subjects. The exam questions are straightforward, but using the best tips and tricks to solve them can be difficult. When beginning your exam preparation, keep in mind that you must complete all subjects within the time limit specified.

2. Choose Best Study Materials:- Make an effort to obtain the best text material for your exam preparation. This will give you the advantage of being able to use the best study materials for your exam preparation and score the highest possible marks. If you want to get any type of Combined Defence Service Notes, Books, or Study Materials, go to the official website of Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute. You can also join the best CDS Coaching in Allahabad.

3. Always keep a positive and calm mind:- If you want to be successful in your exam preparation, you must always keep a positive attitude in mind. Any negative thoughts, such as what will happen if there is a lack of preparation for the exam, or what will happen if you do not pass the exam, should be avoided. In addition to positive thinking, your mind should be calm. With a clear mind, you can focus more on your exam preparation and work harder to achieve success. Do not put yourself under any kind of stress or pressure, and do not allow laziness or negative thoughts to enter your mind while studying.

4. Solve Previous Year Question Paper:- Solving previous years’ question papers builds your confidence over time. As a result, always try to solve previous years’ question papers related to the exam within the same time limit, which improves your speed of answering questions. If you want to ensure that your preparation is complete, you can use the link provided below to download the previous year’s question papers and practise them continuously. Solve questions that you should check yourself and analyse based on standard marks, focusing more on weak topics.

5. Focus on Weak Subjects:- Some subjects are weak while others are very strong. As a result, before beginning preparation for the examination, it is important to consider which subjects in the Combined Defence Services syllabus you are strong in and which subjects you are weak in. As a result, first and foremost, choose your weak subjects and prepare by working hard and devoting more time to them. You can save time and get the most out of your exam by analysing weak and strong topics.

6. Be smart in solving the paper:- When answering the question paper, try to answer the easiest questions first. There is a negative marking in the Combined Defence Services written exam, so keep in mind that the answer you provide should be correct. In the event of an error, do not waste time on that question and move on to the next one.

7. Join Best CDS Coaching in India:- If you feel that you need guidance so visit Major Kalshi Classes and join the offline course to prepare better because MKC is the best CDS coaching in India.

CDS Exam Tips 2023 – FAQs

Q. How to clear the CDS written exam?
Ans: –
To pass the Combined Defence Services written examination, one must have more confidence and continue to study the appropriate text material.

Q. Can I prepare for CDS at home?
Ans: –
Yes, you can begin your exam preparation while sitting at home by enrolling in Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute’s offline and online programmes.

Q. Where to get the best course material for CDS?
Ans: –
If you want to study the best books, you can get the best book and text material by visiting the official website of Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute.

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