5 Reasons Of Getting Screen Out In SSB Interview

What is the SSB Screening Test?

SSB Interview is divided into two stages, the first stage is called the screening test and the second stage is called the GTO, Interview, Psychological test, and the conference. It is mandatory for a candidate to qualify the first step in order to be called up for the second stage. If the candidate fails in any of the tests, he is rejected. Following are the 5 most important reasons for getting screened out from the SSB screening test of the SSB Interview.

5 Reasons for getting Screen Out in the SSB Interview:

These are the most common reasons for which a candidate gets rejected in the SSB screening test. Also, we will discuss how to overcome these problems and increase the chances of getting selected in the SSB Interview.

  1. Low grade in the OIR (Officer’s Intelligence Rating) Test: Officers Intelligence Rating Test starts as soon as you enter the SSB training Venue. The Service Selection board judges each candidate on each and every task he performs. Following are some points on which can lead you to a low grade in the OIR test of SSB screening test:
  • Poor verbal communication.
  • Bad Body posture.
  • Unfit Physique.
  • Poor academic knowledge for Verbal section of OIR test.
  • Poor logical reasoning skills for the non-verbal section of OIR test.
  1. Narration: A candidate with poor Verbal communication skills is never appreciated. If a candidate has a clear mindset of what is he saying and what he wants to express, then he will be having more chances of selection in SSB screening test. Improving narration will not only help you in the SSB screening test but also in every part of the SSB Interview.
  2. Faulty Story Writing: One of the major tests in the SSB Interview is the Story writing test where you are given a topic to write a story and grades are given according to the story you wrote. A good story has a good start, a plot, and an end with the minimum numbers of words required. A story with too many grammatical errors, fancy language, and use of inappropriate information are considered faulty and not graded well. So it is important to prepare for errorless story writing.
  3. Ambiguous Perception: Good observation skills are required by Service Selection Board in the appearing candidates. During a test in the SSB Interview, a picture is displayed to the candidates and observation skills are checked. A candidate must observe and remember all the data he saw in the picture, whether it is a number of people, their gender, surroundings, etc. Candidates with good Ambiguous perceptions are welcomed.
  4. Discussion: Taking an active part in the discussion is always appreciated. If you have the correct and compact answer of what is being asked in the discussion of SSB screening test, your answer will surely help. But it’s better to keep quiet rather than speaking inappropriate, inadequate and lengthy answers.
How to overcome the above problems and get better chances of selection in SSB Interview?

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