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5 Reasons Of Getting Screen Out In SSB Interview

SSB Interview is divided into two stages in which the first stage is known as screening. Most of the candidate’s think that this stage is a rejection test which is based on luck. If you have this kind of thinking then it becomes something impractical. In fact it is a kind of filtration where suitability of the candidates for the second stage is assessed. It chooses desirable candidates who have potential to become officers in Armed Force. Here we are going to discuss about some of the commonly known facts which causes failure in this stage and equally we are giving you some necessary corrective measures to perform well in this stage.

  • Low level of Officers Intelligence Rating (OIR)- OIR constitutes one of the important part of the screening test in which basic intelligence of the candidates is being assessed. This test is basically the test of verbal & non-verbal reasoning which is given in two sets. Each set comprises of 50 Questions approximately for which 28-30 minutes are assigned. Marks of this test categorized in different grading which is not disclosed. Although if you are scoring more than 60% it will help you to get screen in yet it’s my advice to go for maximum.Low level of OIR always creates problem & makes a candidate Ineligible& unsuitable for the armed Forces.
  • Ambiguous Perception-As we know that Picture perception &Discussion test is the second & most important test in screening. First part of this test is perception & story writing where a candidate perceives & then writes a story. Perception of a candidate is very important. A candidate is need to observe all the things in the picture like number of characters, their gender, mood, emotions, setting & surrounding of the picture. So overall, candidates are supposed to have a clear and deep observation of the picture. Lack of minute observation leads to unrealistic story eventually resulting failure.
  • Faulty Story writing- As discussed above Lack of clear and deep observation results faulty & unrealistic story. So in all the situation candidates are need to write stories which are possible on the ground and based on the realistic approach.
  • Narration- Armed forces officer always expresses himself in a very clear way and in an effective manner. So in this second part i.e. in Discussion part a candidate should speak in an effective manner which includes-
  • Correct usage of English
  • Loud voice
  • Proper eye contact with group members.
  • Avoiding cramming attitude
  • Discussion-Taking adequate part in discussion is very important. Merely initiating & speaking again & again doesn’t guarantee your success. Candidates must understand that reaching to common story comprises agreement on certain points like number of characters, their mood, setting & theme. So an intelligent & sensible candidate discusses all the above stated points in a proper & organized manner. He always keep himself away in indulging in any kind of shouting and personal statements. So if someone is shouting during the discussion if you can handle it its ok if you can’t better to keep quite.

So in conclusion I would like to sum up with the view that screening requires a basic intelligence, clear perception, & and effective speaking. All the above reasons are there which always leads failure in the screening. Keeping above points in mind can surely help you to do well in this stage.

It has been noticed that many of the time a candidate is unable to perform well due to lack of guidance, lack of preparation & for so many other reasons.

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