1st orientation Session at MKC: For NDA Batch 2018

What is Orientation Session-

Orientation is a summer program that introduces new students to the institute. All Students must participate in Orientation Sessions which is going to be held throughout the Academic Session. Orientation session usually takes place at the beginning of an Academic Session. In order to aware about Institution. Students must attend Orientation Session organized by institution.

Orientation at MKC

1st orientation Session is successfully conducted on 13 May 2018 for MKC NDA Batch 2018

.  This session was held at Shapath Building, Tagore town Allahabad. In this orientation session Mr. Saurabh Singh, Academic Director and Motivator explained the role of parenting in making better future of children. All parents and guardians with their children joined this session on Sunday.

Importance of Orientation Session

Orientation is the series of events held in campus for new students at Major Kalshi Classes Pvt. Ltd. During Orientation you will become familiar with the MKC Campus and learn important things that will assist you to make your bright future.

All new students are expected to attend on-campus activities during Orientation. Orientation is designed to help to get the best out of student experience by providing information about MKC support services, academic and professional development, your faculty and other activities

If you are commencing your study at MKC, you must attend Orientation to obtain important facts regarding your academic facilities and other information.

If you couldn’t attend a last session, don’t’ worry, 2nd session is going to be held on 27th May 2018.

Dates for Orientation Session

Ist orientation Session: Sunday 13 May 2018
2nd orientation Session: Sunday 27 May 2018
3rd orientation Session: Sunday 03 June 2018

If any parents or guardians are not able to attend orientation session, you can view us on our YouTube channel.

Some Glimpse of Orientation Session-


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