Airforce X Y Best Books for GD SRT Round in Phase-2 Selection Process.


Airforce X Y Best Books:- Group discussion (GD) and Situation Reaction Test (SRT) are the two most important rounds in IAF IInd Round. After Qualifying for the written exam you have to undergo the 2nd and 3rd phases of the selection process. In the 2nd Phase, you have to appear for the adaptability test 1 and 2, and in this test, you have to give GD SRT round. And for the preparation for the GD-SRT exam, you need better study material and Best Books for GD SRT Round.

What is GD (Group Discussion)?

Candidates willing to become IAF Airmen should know how to speak in the GD round with confidence and positivity as well as showcase knowledge and personality. Having knowledge about current affairs is a secret to performing better in the Group Discussion round. It does not only leave a good impact but also increases the chances of selection.

GD is Conducted by 2 Officers, various groups of 8-12 candidates are made. 1 Topic is given to candidates to give their introduction, the description of the topic, then after completing a round, Group Discussion starts.


20 Questions of English (Objective) To reduce the level of individuals in English.

What is SRT(Situation Reaction Test)?

Situation Reaction Test, on the other hand, includes 45 situations that candidates are required to complete within 30 minutes. In this round, how candidates respond to daily life problems may encounter. This round helps officers to judge the common sense, time sense, reasoning ability, maturity, and empathy of candidates.

Airforce X Y Best Books for GD SRT:-

To clear GD you need very good preparation because they can give you any topic, there is no particular field. It can be from history, geography, defence-related news. So you have to prepare all the current topics related to everything. You can prepare that from the internet,  books, newspapers or you can buy GD, SRT book from Major Kalshi classes which has all the topics related to GD SRT, you can prepare so well from this book.

These books are available on This book contains sample group discussion and situation reaction test problems which invariably entails them when and how to speak and write in this phase of selection procedures to come out as a winner with flying colors. These books just cost you around 135rs. You can prepare yourself so well with this book. you will also get sample papers also for better preparation. which gives you a complete Idea about the test and will also help you to perform better.

Tips for IAF X Y GD:-

Here are some tips I have given below that you should always remember while doing the group Discussion.

  • Prove your point.
  • Never Point Finger while speaking.
  • Conclude some genuine points in the Discussion.
  • Try to complete your sentences in less time.
  • Never do cross-question while the discussion going on.
  • Always wait for your turn.
  • Never interrupt anyone while he/she speaking.
  • Stay positive and to the point.
  • Give examples that support your points.
  • Maintain your gestures and behaviors during the GD.
  • Learn Some new words and use them in the discussion.
  • Try to give a Unique Answer.
  • Give relevant answers.

Tips for IAF SRT:-

  • Listen to the instructors carefully.
  • Time is very important in this round, so, use all the punctuations to make your answer as short and specific as possible.
  • Do not skip any situation.
  • Do not make incomplete sentences as it might show a lack of responsibility. Keep your sentence as short and meaningful as possible.
  • Do not forget your ethical values towards society.
  • React quickly and be natural. Try to write responses that come to your mind first.

IAF GD SRT Sample Paper Download:-  Click Here Now

Selection procedure of the IAF GD SRT:-

Phase 1: which is an Online test

Phase 2: Which is the Physical test.

Adaptability Test 1: In this test, you have to pass the Situation Reaction Test and after that, in Adaptability 3 you will get Group Discussion.

Adaptability Test 2: In this, you will get Group Discussion, where you will be sitting with the 15 candidates and on the given topic you have a discussion with other candidates.  While discussing with the other, remember you have to give some relevant points so that you get enough points to qualify for the next stage.

Phase 3: which is medical exams, where your body will be fully tested under the guidance of Military doctors.

For a detailed Selection Process, Please Visit Below Link-

IAF X and Y Group Phase-II Selection Process and Documents Required

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