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Tips and Tricks for NDA 2/2018

NDA-II 2018 is the gateway for the students to join Indian Army, Air Force and Navy as commissioned officer after 10+2. It is a national level examination conducted two times in a year. NDA-II 2018 is scheduled to be conducted on Sunday, 9 September. For those who are novice regarding the preparation material and exam and questions pattern but are trying their best to qualify, despite without having enough guidance, we are here to tell you that we got y’all covered-

The students looking for the guidance and preparation tips for NDA-II 2018 written examination can go through this article because here, we have mentioned all the tips and tricks necessary to prepare for NDA-II 2018 because after all the struggle, a career in Armed Forces of India is what one always wishes for.

English and mathematics:

The Chapters that have the maximum number of questions coming in previous years NDA Mathematics Examination includes Trigonometry, Percentage, Profit and Loss Algebra, Analytical question, Probability, Permutations and Combinations, Ratio and proportion etc. So it’s important to revise the Class 12 and Class 11 Maths Syllabus thoroughly. The questions will mostly be conceptual and tricky; most of the questions don’t require lengthy calculations. Solving most of the topics requires the use of formulas so; it’s a must to have these formulas at the tip of your tongue i.e. write them regularly. This will increase your speed. For English, you have to expect questions like synonyms, antonyms, grammar related questions, comprehension, English language skills, etc. Just polish yourself on these topics and practice on all the topics related to English Language Skills. In order to do that, you have to do an abundance of reading. Read NEWS Papers, novels, watch movies, etc to build your vocabulary. It is the only key to get great marks in English.

 Focus on General Knowledge:

Without having knowledge about the major events and happenings around India and the World, you cannot even think of joining the Indian Armed Forces. Develop a habit of reading magazines and newspapers to enhance deep knowledge of current affairs because it will eventually develop a concern for eradication of problems developing around you.

 Be Energetic and Active:

Qualify this exam should be your sole aim and with an active lifestyle, you can always improve your performance. For basics, it’ll help you to think faster.

 Solve previous year paper:

It is the only point that is mandatory to crack any examination. Solving previous year papers will help you to access information regarding the marksdistribution of different chapters and what kind of questions can or will appear.

Stay Fit:

Drink, Eat, Sleep and even think healthy. Optimism requires a healthy approach to everything that you do, especially long hours of study. You can always motivate yourself and think good thoughts to stay fit.

Have a scheduled Time Management:

It is all about managing the time that has been allotted in a good manner. Try mastering the shortcut methods and save time. Don’t waste time solving a question that you don’t have any idea about. Instead of that, move on to the next question. Always keep an eye on your wrist watch.

Preparation of History:

Reading through all the events and their facts and figures requires attention. Whenever you are reading History or Geography read it slow and make notes accordingly. If you don’t do it, you will lose interest and the subject WILL bore you.

Don’t Stress: Don’t worry about what will happen, Stay Calm and Focused and it all will come back to you.

Best of luck!

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