Solved Current Affairs questions for AFCAT, NDA and CDS Exams

Current affair is always a significant and important part of all Defense related qualifying exams like AFCAT, NDA, CDS, CAPF etc. Current affairs covers wide range of topics from National, International related issues from the field of Science and technology, economics, defense and security issues, awards and honor. Some questions in these topics are asked very directly and to the point but some are miscellaneously made. Below some questions are given with their answer to provide idea and knowledge to aspirants. Aspirants are suggested to read current affairs of last 6 months before the date of your examination. That can become scoring part of your exam in which you can make more than just cutoff for that just you need to be alert with your surroundings.

Let’s began with us with best collection of questions arranged in beautiful manner below:

  1. Name of that first nation that impose blanket ban on metal mining :

El Salvador in Latin America

  1. South Asia Sub regional Economic Cooperation (SASEC) program operational plan Tenure is from : 2016-2025
  2. Which country has becomes associate member of International Energy Agency-India
  1. Green growth Equity Fund is signed between countries: Indian and UK
  1. NARCU stands for : National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners
  2. RashtriyaVayoshriYojana was recently launched in which district? : Nellore, Andhra Pradesh
  3. Asia’s longest Tunnel will be Chennai-Nashri tunnel with length of :10.9 km
  1. SAUNI yojanafor irrigation project is based on which river?:Narmada
  1. Name of study that detected an atmosphere around an earth-like planet for first time: GJ1132b
  1. The book “Winning like Virat: Think and Succeed like Kohli” is authored by – Abhirup Bhattacharya
  2. World book and copyright day is celebrated on –23rd April 2017
  1. The famous book“Da Vinci Code” was written by –Dan Brown
  1. Name of Syrian president alleged for chemical attack that recently took place in Syria:  Bhashar-al-Assad
  1. “And then One Day: A Memoir” is the autobiography of ‐Nasiruddin Shah
  1. The famous book “Padmavati” belonging to medieval era was written by- Malik Mohammed Jayasi
  2. 54th National Maritime day was observed on which date? : April 5,2017
  1. Name of Indo- Mongolian Joint Military exercise is:   Nomadic Elephant
  1. The book “Dramatic Decade: The Indira Gandhi Years” was authored by – Pranab Mukherjee
  2. The real name of mother of all bombs (MOAB) is :GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast
  1. The famous book “Women and men in life” was a work of –Khushwant Singh
  1. Logistic Exchange Memorandum of Agreement (LEMOA) is signed between U.S military and Indian military
  2. Poet ShankhaGhosh An eminent Bengali writer is recentaly awarded with: Jnanpith award
  1. Historical book “Operation Blue Star, the untold story” was authored by – Lt. Gen. KS Brar
  2. World Homeopathy day is celebrated on 10th April in memory of German Physician  name :  Dr. Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann
  1. Biography of king Prithviraj is enacted in book “PrithvirajRaso” was authored by –Chand Bardai

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