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Seven reasons to join the Indian Armed Forces

Choosing a career is not an easy task, especially when it’s going to impact not only you but everyone dependent on you. It’s a stressful process considering the number of options available in the current times due to globalization and technical advancements in every field. The risk involved is very high considering the fast changing trends and markets. Many high scope jobs without which the society was unimaginable, a decade or two back, don’t exist today, thanks to our friendly and ever available Technology. At such, the Indian Armed Forces offers a promising career to young brave hearts and below mentioned are not one but seven reasons, why you should consider joining the Indian Armed Forces as the first priority.

1. Live Life, King Size

Seven reasons to join the Indian Armed ForcesGone are the days of the kings, and the kingdoms. The only people, who still experience the luxury of subordinates saluting them and carrying out every word coming out of their mouths as an order from the emperor, are our Armed Forces officers. The deference that they get from their juniors and the public in general is unmatchable. The life they lead, from their mannerism on the dining table to playing golf and polo to horse riding to the way they dress is no less than a monarch.

2. Financial Security

Seven reasons to join the Indian Armed Forces

We are living in the era of the most volatile financial markets. There is no guarantee if your job and your monthly income will still be there in next few years. And as they say – Investments are subject to Market Risks, the option of joining the Armed Forces as an officer seems like the safest bet. With its salary equivalent to the top level managers in multinational corporate companies, and PF and Gratuity better than them, and with pension facility not only for the Officer but their spouse as well in case of the Officer’s demise, there es not seem to be a safer financial life.

3. High standard Medical facilities

Seven reasons to join the Indian Armed Forces

It is well known that most of the private hospitals  and doctors have become money minded. The health and life of citizens is in greedy and careless hands. And this is also well known that the standards and service level that is maintained at different Armed Forces Hospitals like MI Room and Command Hospitals is unmatched. And the best part is that even after retirement, you can keep availing the same level of medical services through the ECHS program which is there.


4. Education at best

Seven reasons to join the Indian Armed Forces

Needless to say that the training and education  that you go through as an officer at  NDA and at different Armed Forces institutes are at par with the best in the world. And not only that, with over 1100 Kendriya Vidyalayas, in India and abroad, your children’s study won’t be hampered at all even if you get transferred to a different location in the middle of their academic year as the syllabus and the monthly and quarterly pace at which the syllabus is covered, is maintained throughout the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangthan. And again no discussion is required about how good the education standard at Kendriya Vidyalayas is.

5.Perks and Benefits

Seven reasons to join the Indian Armed ForcesThere are two kinds of perks and benefits that one avails as an Armed Forces officer. One is the monetary one in the form of Grade Pay, Military Service Pay, TA, DA, High Altitude Allowance, Hard Area Allowance, Field Area Allowance, PF, Gratuity and a few other circumstantial allowances. And the other is in the form of the materials and facilities that one gets, like a house, a vehicle, a helper to assist with daily cores, ration, furniture issued by MES that you leave with them when you get transferred, CSD from where you can buy almost everything at a price almost half of what you pay for the same commodity at a regular shop. The list is long but let’s not waste time on petty things.

6. Adventurous life
Seven reasons to join the Indian Armed Forces

Right from the Training days, the adventurous life an officer gets to live, will fill a civilian with jealousy. The activities they are made to perform are full of challenges and the difficulty level is high. The Adrenal high they get to feel during the uncommon and princely sports like archery and horse riding is a lifetime experience.  They get to see the world because of the various postings in India and abroad.



7. Pride of Serving Mother India

Seven reasons to join the Indian Armed Forces

You must be thinking, why on earth this point  has been put at the end. I agree that its place was right on the top. But the idea was to give the readers a different perspective to look at why to join the Armed Forces as a lot has been said about how you get an opportunity to serve the nation already. So having talked about the other benefits let me reiterate that the major reason to join the glorious and mighty Indian Armed Forces is


  1. To be able to safeguard our motherland from selfish and mean forces who don’t like our sovereignty and integrity and our peaceful and warm relationships with other nations.
  2. To be available at the service of the fellow countrymen when the times are testing. I pray that these never happen again in future, but at the time of natural calamities like floods and earthquakes, or during any major accidents like train accident or firebreak, The Indian Armed Forces play a pivotal role in recue and rehabilitation of the victims.

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