What is screening in SSB Interview

To make career in Indian Armed Forces is cherished dream of many folks, especially I wanna call them legends because they urge to serve nation. At the same time when teenagers think of being busy with selfies and fashion they consummate themselves with sense of passion, patriotism and proud. Day and night they dream all about being selected in SSB, their daily routine revolves around standardization of their personality and grooming up knowledge.

The charm and charisma of force maintain decency inside them. But this is not easy process to get recommended in SSB is toughest task. SSB is 6 days process which starts with Day 0 – The day of reporting. The next day is about Screening process from here real competition start. Screening test is most scary part of SSB, thee major challenge and biggest obstacle in the path of selection is Screening. Let’s see what is Screening in SSB interview

What is Screening in SSB Interview- The Day 1-is called Screening that comprises OIR Officer Intelligence Rating with PP&DT picture perception and Description test that is followed by Storytelling and narration. Most of us want to get in second round by hook or crook but it is bitter truth that rejection rate in Screening process is very high. The level of competition is on peak for that their lie blade edge type situation.

In first stage of Screening test comprises of two intelligence tests namely Officer Intelligence Rating I & II (OIR I & II) and second stage is followed by Picture Perception and Discussion Tests.

OIR I &II Test-basically it is general reasoning test OIR-I includes verbal reasoning questions and OIR II contains non-verbal reasoning questions. The question paper is exclusively designed by the scientists of Defense Institute of Psychological Research, a DRDO organization. Through this test the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) of a candidate is assessed. In this test candidates are ranked from 1-5 points 1 for the lowest and 5 for the highest ones. This is one of the standard method of measuring IQ. It is not clear about numbers of questions in each section of every set basically, it may vary from 25 to 35 questions depending upon the difficulty level of the questions. Depending upon the difficulty leveland the average time that’s taken by the trial members to solve all the questions, the duration of test is decided 15-20 minutes.

Mostly candidates are in misconception of SSB, they think that only highly intelligent candidates are selected but selection is based on intellectuality and suitability of candidate for force. Let’s come to the next stage that is PPDT.

What is PP&DT?

Picture Perception and Discussion Test – In the picture perception, candidate have to write story within 4 minute as per his/her perception on the basis of a hazy picture shown. Once writing part is over firstly it is asked to everyoneto individually narrate story sequentially as per chest number to your group and thereafter it is asked to discuss story among your group to evolve a common story of the group.

PP&DT discussion is the most important because it is very crucial to handle fish market type situation during discussion, In this phase there are 15-18 candidates seated together and asked to discuss. The number of candidates are largeand then to make a common story in which every can agree, it becomesso difficult to participate and contribute eventually……

Picture Perception means what you observe and perceive from an image shown, candidate psychology is basically being tested in test. Your visualization, interpretation and observation skills are being noted here. During discussion your influencive talks, behavior and attitude are being noticed here.

Why candidates fail in screening Interview?

Since to clear Screening round is like a do or die situation for everyone because everyone comes with fullestpreparation, everyone prepares well for throat cut competition. But the question is if everyone is coming with preparation then why selection ratio is low, to know the reason candidate have to conclude the reasons behind his failure:

  1. Over confidence-to be confident is good but to be over confident can degrade your performance, sense of responsibility comes with power and confidence but when you feel yourself as only superior person in world that comes under over confidence.
  2. Lack of communication and writing skills-To write a complete and good story in 4 minutes is difficult task. For that candidate must hold good writing skills and for discussion and narration of story candidate must possess effective communication skills that shows power of expression and group influencing ability of candidate. Body language, correct use of punctuations and grammar plays a vital role during discussion.
  3. Absence of presence of mind-Absence of presence of mind means you have to work more on Visualization, introspectionand preparationbeing aware of your belongings. Fast action and suitable reaction, application of theoretical knowledge in day to life is the best example for presence of mind.
  4. Low reasoning ability-IQ is one of the important section of testing. As effective Intelligence comes first in list of Officers Like Quality. So try to attempt maximum questions in OIR test, practice for IQ types questions from good reasoning book.
  5. Rote memory concept-To write story on rote memory based concept and then to explain something completely different than written material can definitely be the point of rejection. Creative mind and innovative thinking according to situation shows adaptability of candidate.

The level of competition is high atpeak. Sometimes, even a recommended candidate have 100% chances of getting screened out if he/she do not perform up to the mark. Because assessor wants to select candidateswho are capable for standing 4 more days in campus and in those days they can display OLQs that they possess, during Screening process Assessor judge candidates on the basis of quality that comes out during storytelling, behavior and attitude. To get screen in is not miracle, its candidate’s own effort and qualities that make them to get recommended.

The simple mantra of success in SSB is to be yourself, don’t try to be fake. Know your qualities and understand yourself for betterment.

Shruti Sahu (Content Writer)

A defence Aspirant, An Electrical Engineer, an altruistic girl who love humanity, she has patriotic zeal and enthusiastic attitude. She love to read and write, She is an engineer by chance and will be officer by choice.

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