The Role of women in Indian Army

Role of women in many field is very diverse they perform well as Mother, wife, Daughter, Teacher, Doctor, Engineer, Manager but when role of Women in defence field comes it arises a question…… its calculated from data Indian Army consist of about 2.65% women officers, Indian Navy have 3.1% of all women commissioned and non-commissioned officer and about 7% in Indian Air Force. Women are playing their part pretty well in fields like medical, logistics, education and technology. As things stand there is absolutely no doubt about the potential of women in any aspect related to the defense of our country. If women can accept the challenges in field them why to bind them with chain of restriction inside the wall of protection

 Some people also argue that when women have come a long way in this globalised world, why they can’t be considered for a battle field position. Actually, this is not a subject to become emotional and sensitive Infact it’s a matter to open your all senses to take solid decision. In contest of that Army General took a decision to involve women in war fields because they are capable to perform well. Countries like Germany, Australia, Canada, The US, Britain, Denmark, Finland, France, Norway, Sweden and Israel, have already allowed women in combat roles.

 Now first time in India Army Chief General Bipin Rawat said, “I am looking at women coming as jawans. I am going to start it soon. Firstly, we will start with women as military police jawans.” Breaking the gender barrier, the Indian Army is all pumped up to start recruiting women for several combat positions in its cadres

Overcoming the barriers and breaking the chain of restrictions last year Indian air force appointed three women as fighter pilots, following the same sequence to promote role of women in battle field Indian Army has taken a decision to appoint women in several combat positions in cadre.

Prestige of our county stands along with the prestige of women they should not be treated as second grade officer ultimately our aim should be the flag of our country which Flies High!!!

If our Bharat Mata can fight for their countrymen then women of current scenario can also perform well in combat positions. Here we need to change our mentality, not to restrict our girls but to influence our girls by providing them proper direction and preparing their minds at initial stage.

Girls comes with equal potential as Boys do, they just have to develop that…

Jai Hind…!!!

Jai Bharat…!!!

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