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POSITIVITY- The Key To Success In Ssb Interview

What is “Positivity”? Although it’s a very small word but without it life is impossible. It means one can’t proceed in life without this word. This is not only an issue of an article to be written but also an important fuel of life which is very crucial in life to grow. Now most of you will ask “HOW”? To avoid some task or to refrain yourself in doing particular task only because of its difficulty & complexity is the symbol of negative attitude. While initiating a task thinking that let see something positive definitely happen denotes your positive attitude. Hope is the synonym of positive attitude means we are hopeful because we are positive for life.

Think Positive-SSB Interview

Someone leaves the particular task only by thinking that “I can’t do this” and someone takes up the task only by thinking that let see, I am hopeful and the outcome will be positive. If someone who does that task gets the positive result in future & the person who left particular task who is still at the same place. Whom will you choose?

I don’t need to answer this question as the answer is well known. Why? Because we like to see people doing good job but we don’t like to execute the same thing in our own life. And this is the attitude which makes an army officer different and unique to others & that’s why he is known as the saviour of 1.25 crore peoples and he ultimately becomes the real life hero.

The biggest question is why not others? The reason is they don’t have that level of positivity & thinking. An ordinary man always thinks about his family and about his personal betterment but an armed forces officer always thinks about the Nation & Society. He always finds his own progress and betterment in the progress of society. This is the most important reason that when a civilian dies only few people cries and the same is known by very less number of peoples and when an army officer gets martyrdom, he is respected and supported by all Indians. His news of martyrdom spreads in entire nation and the whole nation mourns his demise. Even after this he becomes immortal & unforgettable and remembered over the decades as many roads & monuments is being built after their name at the same time their family gets lifetime & unique respect. Now it is up to you to think who is best?

So it is cleared that where there is love & respect there is positivity. Positivity is intolerance about wrong doings & wrong doers. A person who has love, care, responsibility, determination, courage is the real hero who is the saviour of 1.25 crore people.

Very often people ask me why SSB takes place. Is it insufficient to have written exam & personal interview? But the thing is written is meant for lowering down the huge crowd and a person who takes up the gun for right task not for wrong task only proceeds. A person who has got constructive thinking rather than destructive, he who loves all, who does everything for the happiness of others, and for him security of 1.25 crore peoples is bigger than his life. The person who never understand about his life, he is the real hero and he does everything and ultimately he wins.

It is often found written in ssbMANSA VACHA KARMANA means an officer is one who is same in his thinking, doing & speaking. Now let’s come to the concept of SSB. Sometime it happens that no one gets selected in SSB interview the reason is they don’t possess that uniqueness which is required to get selected. When a candidate reaches the boards his assessment starts with that very moment. I would like to discuss about the uniqueness which means the thinking of the candidates must be different to others, his coordination with the group must be effective. You may come across with the candidates rejected for 8 times, 10 times, the basic reason behind that is faulty psychology. The very first test which is known as picture perception & discussion test is assesses the positive attitude. Somewhere we can say that confidence is also the synonym of positive attitude. If you are positive it means you are confident and if you are confident you are positive. Both are the complimentary of each other. You need to be confident during the screening which starts even during the verification of the documents. You were shown a situation in the form of picture and then expected to respond in the form of story. This test judges your problem solving attitude.This confidence ultimately help you to clear this first stage with flying colors and only potential candidates reaches in the main stage. Now you can understand the seriousness and intensity of the selection system.

Next test is psychological tests, as I discussed earlier that some candidates get rejected 8 times only because of their psychology. The first test is called Thematic Apperception Test in which 12 pictures will be shown to you one by one which is basically a situation and each candidate is expected to respond in the form of story in 4 minutes. This kind of thinking shows the reflection of the personality.

Second test is word association test in which a series of 60 words shown one after another and candidates are expected to write their response in the form of meaningful sentence. The time of observation and response writing is only 15 seconds for each word. This test assesses your quick responses and decision making because in the battlefield various situation comes across and even those situations changes within seconds. Like if a word comes like fear, it is a negative word but an army officer shows courage in the face of extreme fear. This attitude and thinking makes an army officer different to others.

The Key To Success In Ssb Interview

Third test is known as Situation reaction test in which certain situation are given in the form of question paper and candidates are supposed to write their practical response in the booklet provided. You are supposed to use common sense while answering these situations.

Last task is Self-description test in which a candidate is expected to write about himself on few points. Friend circle of any person shows whether a candidate is positive or negative. Everyone has some responsibility for their parents, teachers, friends, siblings etc. some says that my parents did not support me and some says that whatever I am only because of my parents. The Later shows that you are a positive thinker.

Next comes group testing technique commonly known as GTO. This part is based on the concept of karmana as discussed earlier. When we executes something on the ground it also denotes our positive attitude and real test of an army officer is takes place on ground that’s why this task is dedicated with two days. There are two ways of doing a task one is to think how it will be possible to do this and the second is let’s start we will see how long I will reach. Persons with the second approach is likely to be fit for the defence forces.

A candidates goes through rigorous interview session where his entire personality is assessed and he comes across with many questions which he is supposed to answer. At every step positive attitude and positive thinking is assessed.

Finally a candidate reaches to conference which comprises of all the officers. Here candidate’soverall performance of five days is tabled before all the board officers and discussed. Till now a candidate performs in group but here he is to tackle all the situations and questions individually.  Responding positively and confidently is the key to success in this test.

Finally after this extensive and rigorous process we get the warrior, a real hero who loves this country more than his own family, who doesn’t sleeps entire night so that we can sleep.

So this was a small effort to make every aspirant understand about the depth and the importance of positivity in SSB interview. This single word even can help candidates to be an officer is Indian Armed Forces. So in conclusion focusing only on written is not going to pay much but it is also very important to bring positive changes in the personality.

With the given lines I would like to sum up-

Raah bahut asaan nahi, par ho jazba kuch karne ka,
Toh rasta itna mushkil bhi nahi,
E ktu hi hai jo mushkil ko karega asan,
Bus kar shapath, kar shapath ,kar shapath.

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