Officers Intelligence Rating & Its Importance

Officers Intelligence Rating test commonly known as OIR Test is the test of basic reasoning comprises of both verbal and non -verbal reasoning which is basic in nature.

It is very important to first of all decode the meaning of this word basically this test is the basic test to assess the intelligence of the candidate who aspire to become officer in Indian Armed Forces.

This is the very first test of the screening for which instruction s will be given to all the candidates well before the commencement of the exam and an illustration set is also distributed for the practice.

Although some people say that it doesn’t play important role but as per my view whatever is being asked to do to the candidates is always assessed and plays crucial role in selection and rejection of the candidate.  Let’s talk about some of the important facts about OIR

  • It takes place in one sitting.
  • Two sets are distributed to the candidates one after another I which you may find around 50 questions for which approximate time of 25-30 minute I given for both the sets separately.
  • Al the questions will be objective type and fill up the blanks
  • There is no negative marking.
  • After the completion the candidates are divided into various grading like Grade-A,B,C, & D.
  • This categorization is on the basis of number of correct questions attempted by the candidates which is pre decided in various grades.
  • Once the OIR of the candidate is out it is filled on the right side of the PIQ where you can easily locate blank space.
  • This helps the interviewing officer to gauge the intelligence of the candidate which is retaining power of the mind.

These are some of the basic facts which is associated with the OIR test. If you want to do well in this part is is very necessary to have better understanding and practice about this subject.

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