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Military Exercises Of Indian Armed Forces

The Indian Armed Forces are very rich in resources and gives the opportunity to its soldiers and officers to collaborate and work friendly with foreign countries and to exchange thoughts that is called interoperability. That is why regular exercises are exchanges with various countries across globe. And also to build friendly alliances with countries. Because Interoperability may be important in the future. The core reason why Indian Armed forces do military exercises is that they test their communications, their planning, their decision-making, and their thinking in peace time before war like situations.

Some common Military exercises of Indian  Armed Forces are as listed below:

INTER-SERVICE MILITARY EXERCISE TROPEX (Theatre Readiness Operational Exercise) – It involve all of the services of the Indian Armed Forces Annually it is one month long exercise. The exercise include combat readiness of the Indian naval units, as well as the Indian Air Force, Indian Army and the Indian Coast guard. The main motto of this is to strengthen interoperability and joint operations in a complex environment.


Now some exercise are individually organized by Army, Navy and Air Force, the exercise along with their names and description are listed below:


  1. Hand in hand-This joint exercise is a bilateral Indo-China military exercise which aims to enhance cooperation, maintain peace and tranquility along border areas of both countries.ARMY
  2. Indra-The ‘IND’ in the name stands for India and ‘RA’ stands for Russia. The bi-annual exercise serves to facilitate cooperation and foster the exchange of relevant experience between the Indian and Russian armed forces. This exercise is also held between the navies of the two countries under the same name.Indra
  3. Mitra Shakti-This exercise an annual exercise held between India and Sri Lanka. The main aim of this joint exercise is to enhance interoperability while carrying out Counter Terrorism (CT) and Counter Insurgency (CI) operations under the UN Mandate.Mitra Shakti
  4. Nomadic Elephant-The annual exercise between India and Mongolia seeks to promote military associations between Indian and Mongolian armies. This exercise was organized with aim to raise the synergy and interoperability between the forcesNomadic Elephant
  5. Surya Kiran-This is a two-week long battalion level joint exercise between Armies of India and Nepal. It focuses on skills required for natural disaster management, counter-insurgency and jungle warfare. This exercise is Bi-annual and extremely beneficial.SURYA KIRAN
  6. YudhaAbhayas- The annual exercise strengthens and broadens interoperability and cooperation between the Indian and US armies. In 2016 this exercise was organized.YUDHAABHYAS
  7. Maitree- Exercise Maitree is conducted between India and Thailand with an aim to increase mutual cooperation and interoperability between the Indian Army and Royal Thailand Army and to improve understanding of each other’s tactical drills and actions in counter-terrorism operations.Maitree
  8. Bold Kurushetra-While Exercise Agni Warrior is bilateral artillery exercises between India and Singapore, Exercise Bold Kurukshetra is bilateral armour exercise.bold kurukshetra
  9. Sampriti-This exercise is an India-Bangladesh Joint military exercise aimed at counter-terrorism and disaster management operations.Sampriti
  10. Al Nagah-This exercise was held for the second time in March 2017 between India and Oman. The 14-day joint exercise aims to acquaint both forces with each other’s operating procedures in the backdrop of counter insurgency, counter terrorism environment.Al Nagah
  11. Ekuverin- This exercise used to held between India and Maldives to conduct military training between armies of both countries with emphasis on amphibious & counter insurgency, counter terrorism operations


  1. Varuna-The annually held Varuna naval exercise is an integral part of France–India strategic relationship in the Indian Ocean or the Mediterranean Sea with the aim of improving Indo-French coordination on capabilities like cross-deck operations, replenishment-at-sea, minesweeping, anti-submarine warfare and information sharing.Varuna
  2. SLINEX-This exercise held between Sri Lanka and India, The SLINEX aim is to promote mutual understanding and provide exposure to both the Navies to each other’s operating procedures, communication procedures and best practices. This allows the two navies to develop the greater confidence to operate together, if required, during complex maritime missions.Srinex
  3. INDRA-INDRA Navy is a joint, bi-annual military exercise conducted by India and Russia. The exercise is tasked with boosting cooperation and interoperability between the Russian and Indian navies. The same exercise is organized in Army.Indra
  4. Malabar-This is one of the famous joint military exercise.This year malabarMalabar exercise was conducted in the Bay of Bengal and was attended by the navies of India, US, and Japan. The exercise was conducted in sea and shore phases. The exercises were for professional exchanges on carrier strike group operations, maritime patrol and reconnaissance operations, surface and anti-submarine warfare.
  5. Simbex-Held between Singapore and India, SIMBEX has progressed both in scale and complexity over the years – from a serial-based exercise to today’s mission-based exercise incorporating scenarios with threats from the surface, underwater and air.Simbex
  6. IBSAMAR-IBSAMAR are a series of naval exercises between the navies of India, Braziland South Africa. The name IBSAMAR is an abbreviation of India-Brazil-South Africa.Ibsmar
  7. KONKAN- Indian Navy and Royal Navy’s (UK Navy) joint maritime exercise took place in Mumbai, Maharashtra to increase compatibility and interoperability between both the navies.Konkan
  8. AUSINDEX-India and Australia conduct this bilateral naval exercise that focuses on anti-submarine warfare as the two countries look at deepening defence cooperation especially in the Indian Ocean Region.ausindex


  1. Indradhanush-This is a bilateral exercise held between Indian Air Force and Royal Air Force of UK.indradhanush
  2. GARUDA-The “Garuda” series of air exercises is an important aspect of the Indo-French bilateral military cooperation. The bilateral defence relationship is a cornerstone of the strategic partnership between France and India.guruda
  3. AVIA INDRA-The “Garuda” series of air exercises is an important aspect of the Indo-French bilateral military cooperation. The bilateral defence relationship is a cornerstone of the strategic partnership between France and India,avia-indra
  4. Red Flag-Exercise Red Flag is an advanced aerial combat training exercise hosted at Nellie’s Air Force Base, Nevada. Only countries considered friendly towards the United States take part in Red Flag exercises.redflag

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