Latest Group Discussion Topics in SSB interview

Group discussion is the part of GTO series which is the very first task of GTO. Doing well in this task can have a good first impression on the mind of GTO as well as it can provide you a Lead role in our group. There are two discussions in the GTO. In the first part of the discussion GTO will provide two topics & candidates are supposed to choose one out of two. In the next part of the discussion topic will be of GTO’s choice. Each discussion will last for 15-20 minutes. Remember this discussion is an exchange of ideas not a one way traffic.

In this practice GTO generally covers social & current events, so having a good knowledge about current affairs is must if one wants to do well in this task.

Here we are providing list of probable topics that can help you to do well in this exercise-

  1. Corruption in India is increasing day by day, What do you think who us responsible for this?
  • Politicians
  • Bureaucrats
  • Common man
  1. What is the biggest reason behind the low literacy rate in India?
  • Traditional education system
  • Corruption in education
  • Commercialization of education
  1. China’s foreign policy has seen a drastic change in near future. In what ways, does it affect India?
  • It will intensify the rivalry with Pakistan
  • Influence the economy of India
  • Will dominate South Asia
  1. Sports league like IPL has seen a big boost in recent past, What do you think what will be its implications?
  • It will increase corruption & money laundering
  • It will bring out hidden talent
  • Leads youths to adopt bad habits
  1. Demonetization is being done for various reasons, what do you think what will be its implications?
  • It will eradicate black money
  • It will enhance use of plastic currency
  • It will strengthen economy
  1. Where should India Invest more?
  • Defence
  • Agriculture
  • Education
  1. Who is responsible for the deteriorating law & order in the country?
  • Police
  • Politicians
  • Public
  1. What is the biggest factor hampering India’s development?
  • Population
  • Illiteracy
  • Corruption
  1. Who plays most important role while ateam is fielding?
  • Bowlers
  • Fielders
  • Wicket keeper
  1. Criminalization in politics is increasing day by day, how can this problem be solved?
  • By banning candidates with criminal background
  • By public awareness
  • By determining minimum qualification

So, Aspirants having good knowledge of above topics is necessary. It is must for all the aspirants to read newspaper & current affairs magazine daily which can surely help you all to do well in this task.

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