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Importance of Physical Fitness for SSB Interview

SSB Interview- To appear SSB interview is a cherished dream of every defence aspirant who want to serve country and countrymen’s. SSB is the process of analysis and place of judgment where capabilities of candidates are being judged for becoming officers the 15 OLQs are defining parameters for candidates. The 6 days long SSB procedure is lifelong learning experience for many candidates, SSB proved as fondest memories for candidates who is trying to become proficient officer, your adroit skills and ambidextrous nature of working can lead you toward the success of recommendation in Indian Armed Forces. They mainly check the stability of mind while under pressure and stress condition.

SSB hardly checks for your knowledge, it checks the suitability of candidate for force.

Why physical fitness is Important- For SSB interview physical fitness is majorly and equally important as mental fitness, as many candidates think for SSB only good psychology is needed but this is not true because physical strength and stamina is equally important. If you are going to become an officer then your health, courage and stamina is on priority, you need to understand with good mental health you can take good decisions but with good physical health you can efficiently implement on these plans. GTO ground task officer makes your complete analysis by various tasks on ground like GD (Group Disscussion)GOR (Group Obstacle Race), IO (Individual Obstacles), PGT (Progressive Group Tasks), HGT (Half Group Task) and so on. The more efficiently you clear these tasks better you considered in stamina, courage and strength

How to maintain physical fitness-To be physically fit is need of defence services.It is difficult to imagine leaders of armed forces without physical and mental stamina. The main work of a commander has to lead his men willingly into the battle-field full of danger. Every time he have to maintain calmness, firmness and self-control in the face at time of heavy loads.

For maintaining physical fitness you need to do regular exercise.
Yoga, running and gyming can maintain your stamina.
He cannot turn back from his mission because of danger or hardship.
30 minutes of daily physical activity is sufficient.

Physical and mental fitness run parallels-SSB is the complete game of MANSA, VACHA and KARMA where MANSA is completely related with psychological task and KARMA is related with physical task this shows your devotion for work along with your efficiency to perform. All these aspects will be beneficial while performing GTO taskMoreover, Physical Stamina is one of the crucial qualities amongst so many other OLQs (Office Like Qualities). Physical and mental health runs parallel, good physical health always makes good mental health.

“Take care of your mental and physical health is just as important as any career move or responsibility”

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