How to prepare for SSB interview?

First of all candidates need to understand the selection system. Unlike other interviews which are pre dominantly based on knowledge and other aspects here SSB interview is a personality test where a candidate is supposed to project his/her true personality. So keeping the fact in mind candidates must be aware about his personality. So the first step is self-introspection. Know about yourself. A candidate is supposed to know everything about himself. As officers in defence forces has got certain degree of intelligence too so a candidate must have sound knowledge about his surrounding as well as intelligence level of the candidate must be very high. So working on the knowledge part is very important.

At every step decision making is tested so it’s very important to be quick and sharp. One must be properly prepared to tackle all the psychological tests, group testing series & series of rapid fire questions during personal interview.

So I would like to sum up with the conclusion that a candidate must have deep understanding about his personality, should be quick & sharp, and physically fit too.

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