Why English is important language in SSB?

Whether you accept or not but it is true English is the most important language in SSB and to have good command over English language adds more value to your personality and adds more charisma. English is not the language of showoff but it is the necessity of Defence Forces because English is one of the most spoken languages across the globe and English is considered as a language of elites and it is always desirable to have good English speaking abilities in force.

Look you are there in the SSB to become an officer. The main work of officer is they have to command a number of people. Thus it is required to use an official language that can be understood by everyone in group.  That is why English is important language in SSB. Do you know in India English is most commonly understood by Indians in comparison to Hindi. Thus it is needed by an officer to speak in English. In SSB if candidate is going then it is needed to communicate your ideas, thoughts and planning. In SSB candidates have to interact with other candidates,make friends with them and emerge as a leader in your group where all candidate comes from different regions across India. For all these things one and common platform of language is needed and for doing any of these things you need to have good communication skills a that is why English as a medium along with good communication skills are needed

Why English is important language in SSB?

As English is a universal language and when you go around the world you’ll notice that English is the second most spoken language in the world after Chinese. Importance of English is SSB as well as inside academy and ever after joining defence forces is pretty high.

  • For SSB candidate comes from various different background, from different state and different region, as India is versatile country with cultural diversity, religious diversity and linguistic diversity to make everyone on same platform so that everyone can communicate with each other, exchange thoughts and understand each other SSB chosen a common language English as best medium of communication.
  • In India Hindi and English are official language so it is permitted in SSB to speak either in English or in Hindi but it is quite clear English is preferred the most, candidate can use “Hinglish” = Hindi+English the mixture of Hindi and English. But I suggest you should speak in English.
  • Not even in SSB but also inside training Academy English is vital necessity because at the time of training trainer will address the gathering only in English language, there you also have to interact with candidates from various background, even from different country because Indian Government give training to Sri-Lankan, Bangladesh and Myanmar armed forces.
  • English is also the language of Defence forces because it shows elegancy as well as officers of Armed forces have to represent the dilemma of India in various platforms like during joint military exercises, foreign learning exchange courses and drill events where numerous of countries take participation these English language is the only platform to communicate.

Hence instead of denying the fact and arguing over we have to admit it and we have to accept that English has its own importance in SSB. I hope you must understood why English language is important in SSB, then it also must be clear in your mind that to have a command over English and to be in fluent it’ll be an advantageous for you and your performance.

Look English language is not a ghost remove your fear and hesitation. Just learn more how to improve, how to polish your skill to speak in English you need to surround yourself with English, you can take reference with books there are many good books available in market.  You can also take help of any specialist or tutor, seeking advice from them and under guidance you can improve well.

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Shruti Sahu (Content Writer)

A defence Aspirant, An Electrical Engineer, an altruistic girl who love humanity, she has patriotic zeal and enthusiastic attitude. She love to read and write, She is an engineer by chance and will be officer by choice.

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