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Cultivate Good Habits – Reap Great Results

Cultivate Good Habits – Reap Great Results

Tips to become an Armed Forces Officer

 We often dream of becoming rich and powerful. More than dream these are imaginations made while we are awake. And mostly these are situational, like, while watching a cricket match, we start imagining ourselves in the Indian team hitting sixes, scoring centuries, winning matches for the country, raise both our hands in the air and roar victoriously; or while watching a movie, we start imagining ourselves as a policeman or a military man doing some brave stunts, destroying enemy’s posts and immobilizing terrorists. When somebody asked, what you want to become when you grow up, our response use to be – doctor, pilot, actor, prime minister, Sachin etc. Our goal used to be, to become the top most. So what happened over the time; why our goals kept diminishing and why did we compromise to do the most menial jobs of all? And now these momentary imaginations of becoming celebrities that we make die as quickly as they start out.

With a risk of sounding like a preacher, I would say that the reason that we don’t dream big anymore is because we are afraid of failure. And this fear has mounted up inside us because of the numerous occasions, when we accepted failure, one after another and because of the negativity mushrooming around us. So what do we do? How do we ensure that we remain on the track and achieve our goals not for any monetary gains but for that ultimate satisfaction only our soul can feel when we achieve something relevant? Following is an attempt to list a few things that we can do to maintain our focus and achieve what we want. This is most important for the young students who aspire to join the Indian Armed Forces.

1) Sleep early at night – wake up early in the morning

We have been hearing this for ages. But don’t follow it and our repeated reasoning is that it’s not practical in current times. Most of us keep awake till late night mostly because of TV and phones. As a result, wake up quit late in the morning. After a long day our brain would normally be tired and won’t be able to concentrate in studies as much as we would like it to. It has been experienced by many, that the efficiency and productivity are at their peak in the morning, as our brain has rested for a few hours and junk thoughts are not present in the conscious mind any more. Now the most important thing, make plans and strategies, in the morning for the whole day, and at night, before going to asleep, analyse your day.

2) Stay away from T.V., Smart Phones, Parties, Marriages

We are often told that it’s necessary to refresh your mind every now and then and that entertainment recharges our mind and we are able to start work or study with a renewed energy. Our brain is not a rechargeable device. Electrical power recharges a phone’s battery, but if you watch a movie, the loud action, glamour, music, leaves images, that will last long in you and won’t let you concentrate on what matters. So it’s better to stay away from TV, phones and functions as they will only feed junk to our mind. And do we really need all these face book and what’s app friends? Let’s not waste hours on the phone.

3) Exercise both your body and mind

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It has been experimented and proved million times that exercise is the key to a successful life. It keeps us healthy, and as a result of it, we can work hard and produce results. And for best results, it is not only the body we must exercise, it is our mind as well.

4) Stay in company of positive and ambitious people

Recognise and stay away from people with negative approach who keep saying, “It’s very difficult” and ‘it’s not everyone’s cup of tea”. These people are very judgmental and they analyse a lot and talk a lot. They won’t do much in life and won’t let you either. As is the famous saying – One bad apple spoils the whole bunch.

5) Eat less – Eat healthy

We are living in an era of advanced medical science. We know the nutrients content of all the fruits, vegetables, cereals, nuts and everything that we eat. We must use this knowledge, and stop eating a plate full of the same food, three times every day. It’s only making us fat and lazy and destroying our health permanently and hampering our professional growth.

6) Create and Follow timetables and checklists

Planning is very important in everything we do. And more than that is to stick to the plans and strategies and keep a record of how we are faring. If not hourly, we should do it, daily, weekly and monthly.

7) Be positive – Don’t quit

Set a Goal. Decide what you want carefully. What is great for someone else may not be of any worth for you. Be positive. Believe in yourself. Recognize your strengths.  Thrive towards your goal. Don’t quit, if you fail. Quit if the goal does not excite you anymore and you want to achieve something else.

Cultivate Good Habits - Reap Great Results

8) Seek Guidance

A teacher or a mentor who can guide you through the thick and thins of life and can encourage and motivate you in your ordeals and struggles really helps and works as a life saver. Everyone needs a guide and those who have one are really lucky.

Cultivate Good Habits - Reap Great Results

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