How To Answer The “10” Rapid Fire SSB Interview Questions

Rapid fire question is part of personal interview in SSB interview in which interviewer ask bunch of question in a one go based on various backgrounds. It continues one of the most important part of personal interview.

These are various kind of rapid fire question formed which are based on PIQ only. Rapid fire could be on family,education,hobbies,intrest, extracurricular activities, NCC responsibilities   and previous SSB attempts.

So in this part of the blog I will provide you rapid fire question on educational background.

So gentleman, I am interested to know something about your education background.

  1. Please tell me number of subjects you had in 10th class
  2. Your favorite subject
  3. The subject which you did not like
  4. Your favorite teacher
  5. Your aggregate Marks
  6. Your routine during that time
  7. Numbers of friends that time
  8. Best friend and the person you did not like
  9. Tell me same above thing about 12th
  10. Tell me about graduation also if you are graduate.

In between these entire question when candidate answer, Interviewing officer keep asking more question which a candidate is expected to answer and then keep following the sequence of the question asked.

So candidate kindly prepare the above question it will help you to do well in personal interview in SSB Interview.

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