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5 Qualities That Every Female Aspirant of Defense Must Posses

For Men and equally for women Defense is the most prestigious service that everyone want to join. The charm and cliché of officers life is the most attractive. But for females to join defense services is just like Oh… Mah God..!

You must have heard about the latest news that Indian Army allowed women in combat roles, breaking yet another gender barrier. Initially a broad change in mindset of people came when women pilots comes into fighter squadron, Air Force introduced first batch of women candidates in India. This thing certainly came forward with massive change in our country. With having equal rights for male and female candidates women’s proved that they are not less active than their counterparts.

The five things that every Female candidate should possess are listed below, don’t only read this article instead tries to build these qualities then and only you can observe the changes around you.

  1. Confidence: Charm in personality comes out with confidence. Body language and eye contact speaks more than words. One great person said, “Confidence doesn’t make you successful but it does give you the power to face all challenges”. And for being for being officer you have to believe in yourself. Courage to perform things comes out with confidence. Believe in yourself is the first thing to believe in God. 
  1. Leadership: the power inside personality to led with others, to understand others and make them convenient to understand your plans and strategy. This is called leadership quality. Leadership quality also lead with some other qualities that are being disciplined, high presence of mind and great control over random mood switching. 
  1. Positivity:Spread positivity around you. It is just a trait of personality, positive personality is much important than to be confident, When you step up and feel positive about what you are doing is for a greater good and for the soil all of us believe in. You take the best out of each situation because life is meant to live and grow rather than crib about it. It’s your attitude that is reflected throughout the tasks given to be performed and you increase your chances of being selected to serve your country. 
  1. Adaptability:For survival of human in society the social adaptability is very important but for being officer it is required more than limit.You should be ready for surprises and thrill and try to intake them as a natural part of your services. 24*7 you should be ever ready to face challenges and task. Because officer is always expected to live life like soldier. 
  1. Fitness:Foremost Important thing is physical and mental fitness. It is the utmost important thing in defense service in totality, an officer is a warrior dressed with sagely patience and wisdom in battlefield and day to day tasks. Physical fitness can we archived with regular exercise but mental fitness is the most prior thing to develop. The calmness of mind is an integral part of it. 

These are some quality that every female candidate has…

Go ahead Dear, Archive our goal


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