5 common Mistakes at time of SSB

Cracking SSB is the most important part of selection procedure during SSB candidates are judged on various parameters by passing many procedures and task. For SSB every candidate go with a wish and dream of getting selected and becoming an officer in Indian Armed forces but making mistakes in SSB directly give rejection.

Human makes mistakes sometimes it can be corrected or rectified but sometime it’s not possible to do so, every time it’s not necessary to over wound your mistakes with qualities some mistakes make brutal impression over life. Being hard working is not the only thing required smart working plan with hard work is the key of golden gate that turns toward the ladder of success.

There are 5 common mistakes that candidate generally make during SSB interview procedure that could be easily avoided:

  1. Being dishonest- Many candidates goes in SSB with fake personality by hiding their originality. They talk too creamy about themselves to fascinate officers but this makes only rejection. Being dishonest about yourself, pretending to show what you are not can lead you to face rejection. Don’t lie while filling PIQ or Giving Interview. Always be true in with your answer and activities in front of officer. Don’t give bookish answers while giving SSB interview. Be practical and be genuine.
  2. Lack of self-awareness- Your knowledge and awareness with your surroundings is also checked while selection procedure. Candidate must be aware with his qualities and areas of faults, your daily activates etc. there are many things that needed to be accessed by yourself. You can archive this only by increasing your self-awareness and surrounding awareness. Look for a way that boost your strengths and curtail your weaknesses.
  3. Lack of confidence- Confidence shows your truthfulness with life, for being successful in any field you need to be confident with in yourself, over confidence can make you arrogant and careless and less confidence can hold you back. So optimal amount of confidence is always needed to show while speaking during interview and group discussion.
  4. Negative attitude- Perception of life, a common line-“A glass of water is half filled or half empty” is all about your perception. Never show you have looser type attitude with your failures. Enjoy the SSB procedure with open and clam mind. Full yourself with immense positivity and good thoughts.
  5. Introvert- Being dominating is not a leadership quality it is called dictatorship. You can never win by cutting someone others section. Excess of everything is dangerous being extra dominating is more dangerous. Also give chance others to speak and put their points and ideas. The tendency of being introvert can take you down.

The above mistakes are commonly found in most of the candidates. So, overcome them. Firstly find out them and then work over them. Pay attention to every instruction and keep yourself alert and active. SSB interview process accesses the candidates from all dimensions and then comes to a conclusion after deep analysis and assessment.

Keep thing in your mind you can’t prove selection board wrong because they are equal and unbiased for all.

Avoid doing such mistakes by introspecting inside soul, what you are….?

Then look success will not be far away from you.  

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