30 new GD Topics for SSB Interview 2017

Group Discussion is major part of SSB interview in this communication skills with knowledge, confidence and expressions are judged. While preparing for SSB candidate can’t neglect to hold command over Group Discussion. As communication skills and self-confidence are part of SSB interview, before becoming a good speaker you must became a good listener.
Develop some qualities to enhance your skills and knowledge. Here we mentioned 30 new GD Topics for SSB interview 2017. These topics are very fresh and currently burning in day-today newspaper. Go through these, develop your own point of views to express what you really feel.

30 new GD Topics for SSB Interview are listed below:-

  1. What plays crucial role between Indo-china relations – economic participation, defense standoffs, political and ethnic aspects
  2. What should India prefer to maintain foreign relation – Participation in international groups like BASIC, BRICS; raising economic ties; or any other
  3. NOTA is the emerging priority of the citizens. Is it right to continue it?
  4. Education system needs to – focus on practical knowledge, reduce and manage syllabus, opting technology as a substitute
  5. How can corruption be checked? – by use of digital mediums, strengthen laws, adding more authorities
  6. Who will get maximum benefit of GST – common people, Traders, business giants.
  7. How would women reservation be beneficial for India?
  8. Is India leading in competitive backwardness? (consider Jat, Patidar and Maratha protests)
  9. Agriculture facilities are increasing still the farmers are committing suicide. Why?
  10. Medical tourism share a good part of GDP. How can it be increased?
  11. How will US foreign policy affect India?
  12. Where should India focus to increase development? West Asian nation, European nation, American nations.
  13. What is the biggest challenge for India? – Naxalism, interstate disputes, stabilizing northeastern states
  14. How can Indian armed forces be improved? Using theater commands, inducting foreign arms, increasing indigenisation.
  15. One belt one road will lead to – international difference, boost trade, increase China’s military presence
  16. How farmers should be supported for their yield failures – loan waiving, subsidies, initiatives like e-NAM
  17. Where technology can be most beneficial – medication, education, business
  18. Can privatization increase the development rate of India?
  19. What was the impact of demonetization – Turing to cashless economy, returning black money, stopping counterfeiting of money
  20. How can jobs be produced in India? – increasing FDI, increasing skill development programs, or any other
  21. What is the biggest problem for the new generation of India – child marriage, child abuse, child labor
  22. The health related issues are increasing. What is the major cause?
  23. How is technology impacting youth? Reduced physical activities, came out as edition, easiest way of interaction
  24. What should be done for better democracy in India? Improve election procedures, increase transparencies in politics, providing more power and freedom to the citizens.
  25. The ban on liquor has lead to what major change in the dry states? Increased smuggling activities, reduction in state GDP, improved lifestyle.
  26. What is the biggest hurdle in increasing digital economy? Lack of awareness, increased hackings, limited reach of technology
  27. Is the reservation policy of India working as per the expectations?
  28. How can terrorism be overcome? – providing better employment facilities youth where terrorist recruitment is higher, providing good surrender policies, using fire and force.
  29. Why is youth distracting from opting defense as employment? More lucrative private jobs, youth want enjoyable life, youth want a comfortable life.
  30. Pollution can be controlled? By afforestation, By reducing use of vehicle, By reducing use of CFCs.

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30 new GD Topics for SSB Interview 2017

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